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About a year or so ago, a few brilliant business minds came up with the idea to satisfy the curiosity and obsessions of natural hair Product Junkies (PJs) everywhere without breaking their wallet … and while still capitalizing upon the affliction ;). The likes of CurlKit and CurlBox were born!! These companies send subscribers a monthly supply of hair goodies (samples and some full size products) for around $20 a month so that PJs or newbies looking for their staple and/or holy grail products can sample to their hearts’ content. What makes it more exciting (or frustrating, depends on your perspective and if you get in or not ;)) is that the ability to subscribe is limited to certain periods and numbers of customers. I think this is because these businesses are new and growing and have to make certain that they can acquire enough products to satisfy the orders for their subscribers.

Anywho, back in September, I responded to CurlKit’s solicitation for a 31 Bloggers in 31 days feature and got selected (check out my post here)!! Well, imagine my surprise when I got tagged on Instagram and discovered that my Best Bun Practices for Length Retention article was featured in the December CurlKit magazine, CurlLife!!


Anywho, just wanted to share that and this reveal of the December CurlKit that was taped by my IG friend!! You can get a little taste of what it’s like to get your very own CurlKit delivered to your doorstep!

via Backto85

Okay, you know that I’m really sharing this because of the shout out!! LOL!! You are all my (virtual) friends in my head ;)!!


Do you have a CurlKit and/or CurlBox subscription? If so, which one(s)? How do you like it/them? If you have both, how do they compare?


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  1. you go Shelli, Congrats everyone is starting to realize that your blog is the bomb.
    I’m showing my age talking like that but it’s true…lol


  2. Congratulations!!! You deserve every acknowledgment and accolade that comes your way!!!
    I signed up for the Curlkit this month. I know it may sound crazy, but I got the Curlkit because on IG, Curlbox never responds to her followers questions. I don’t think I will keep the subscription every month because I thnk that would be just too much and for someone who wears their hair pulled pack 99.9% of the time, I would just be wasting my money.


  3. Hahahaaaaa!!! Yes virtual friends…in my head too! Thanks so much for post. I was wondering how the heck my views shot up so high lol lol now I know! #grateful


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