A Prayer for Sandy Hook



What happened in Sandy Hook yesterday is just unbelievable and beyond a tragedy. My heart sank and I felt sick to my stomach when I learned about it after work yesterday. I can’t even imagine what that community and those parents are going through right now. A real life monster was let loose on them. There is not much that can be said to offer comfort. But, a friend of mine shared this beautiful and eloquent prayer from her former church in Connecticut. It was so moving that I wanted to share it with all of you as well. Maybe if enough of us read it, our prayers will help give strength to the survivors as they attempt to recover from, yet never forget, this tragedy.


Loving God, when our heart breaks in grief, we know your heart is already broken. Hear our prayers for the community of Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Receive the souls of the dead into your merciful arms of love. Heal the wounded in body and the savaged in spirit. Bless all those who seek to calm a community in crisis: police, medical workers, government and school officials, counselors and pastors.Soothe the fearful and dry the tears of all who mourn. Enfold families in your compassionate embrace: little ones whose safe world has been invaded, mothers and fathers who must put frightened children to bed this night.Help us to remember, when our knees go weak and our hearts melt like wax, that your arm is ever strong and your loving kindness never fails from age to age. Draw us closer to one another in community, and closer to you, Oh God, so that the inhumanity of mankind, which threatens to destroy our faith in you, may somehow gather us all into the infinite heart of God, in whose name we pray.


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  1. This has been actually the first horrific event that has moved me to tears. I dont know if its because this is like the 4 one in a year it seems like. Or just the fact that 20 young children lost their lives. I definitely will keep them in my prayers.


  2. All I could think of was my children. I can’t even imagine how those parents must feel. I hugged my kids so tight yesterday. Mental health is a serious disease. But did he have to kill the kids? My god. I couldn’t believe it.


  3. Wonderful prayer. I have been so sad since I heard of this horrific incident. It really saddened me. I feel so bad for the families and those poor children that witnessed this and will be scarred for life.


  4. I find it impossible to use my short arms to grasp an understanding of the who, why and what…I am so thankful that we have such a loving God that has arms so large and comforting that all can and will be embraced…

    As a parent and grandparent I can not phantom such and pull within myself to prioritize my energy with love and hope….and it is you, and you, and you that I live for

    My thoughts just seem so inadequate


  5. Thank you for that beautiful prayer Shelli. I don’t have any children and can’t imagine what they’re going through, God please give these families strength.


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