Accessorizing a Bun



My sister sent this to me the other day! A little accessorizing inspiration for my bunning challenge ladies or, you know, those of you who just happen to wear buns ;)!! I particularly LOVE the idea of the hair bow clip!! I’ve seen the hair bow style that some of the ladies have been rocking popping up a lot lately. And, although I think it looks very cute on them, don’t see myself trying that one! But, the hair bow clip is a quick and easy way to get a little of that look!! Now, I just gotta figure out how to make my own with faux hair that looks like my natural hair!! Pretty sure that I have some curly/wavy synthetic hair hanging around that I can use to give it a go! You know that I’ll share if it works out ;)!


Would you wear the hair bow style or the clip? What is your favorite way to accessorize a bun?

(Mine is with hair flowers!! No surprise there, right ;)?!


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  2. I tried the bow style a while back, but it didn’t look right.. My bow turned out really small; or maybe it was regular sized and just looked really small because my head is gi-normous..?? idk. The clip on bow is really cute though. I’d try it! Normally, I accessorize with headbands or flowers.. and now i might try the shoelace thing.


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