Exercise and Healthy Hair


Sawah_exerciseby Sawah of Discovering Natural

If you are not big on exercising, but strive to have healthy hair, you are in for a big surprise. There is a clear link between healthy hair growth and exercising. The growth of hair has to do a lot with how well blood circulates in order to nourish your hair follicles. This nourishment is what generates good hair health and growth. This is one reason why scalp massages are very beneficial.

We all know how bad stress can be for our hair. Stress can also lead to hair loss. Regular exercise can help reduce stress.

So, how do you start exercising if you don’t do it on a regular basis? Here are 10 tips that can help you start:

  1. Start small.
  2. Take a walk a couple of times a week.
  3. Pick up the pace, distance and frequency after a couple of weeks.
  4. Add some strength training in the mix.
  5. Instead of taking the elevator, opt for the stairs.
  6. While watching TV, during commercials, do sit-ups, chair presses, push-ups and/or jumping jacks.
  7. Park your car at the farthest distance from the entrance of the store.
  8. Turn up the music, and dance!
  9. Do it with a friend. Be accountable to each other.
  10. Have fun! Make it fun!
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How do you incorporate exercise into your regular weekly routine?


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  1. I exercise six times a week (either run six miles and lift weights, intense spinning class or power yoga). I do it most time in the evening, but if I have an obligation that prevents me from doing it in a given evening, I am on it the next morning. I even joined 24hr fitness, so that when I travel, I can go to a gym in almost any part of the country!

    I think you have to make it a part of your activities of daily living routine- like brushing teeth and eating. I have change the type of exercise program I have done over the years and know that as I age, I will not be able to do the level of cardio I am doing now. So, i started incorporating yoga and cycle, so that I won;t shock my old bones later! Lol I call it planning for retirement!

    I have been exercising for years -with relaxed hair and now natural (for 12 years).

    To me, exercise is like air.


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