Sometimes It’s the Little Things



Okay, this is one of those completely “Random Stuff I Like” posts that I like to do now and again ;). Probably just about every day, I have a moment where I think, “Blankety-blank-blank is the BEST feeling in world.” But, I think that about so many things, that I can’t say that any ONE thing is the best. But, I do believe that these are SOME of the …

(in no particular order)

  • Taking a hot shower (WORST feeling? Stepping out of that hot shower into a cold room!)
  • A big, long, tight hug
  • Fitting into clothes that I couldn’t wear a few months ago (BETTER feeling? When those same clothes are falling off of me!!)
  • Getting home and taking off my work clothes
  • Leaving work the last day before a long vacation
  • Finishing a work-out
  • Getting into bed knowing I don’t have to get up early to go anywhere or do anything the next day
  • Waking up from an amazing night of sleep (you know, the kind where you wake up in the same position that you started in, have creases on your face from your pillow and realize that you didn’t wake up all night? That kind of sleep!)
  • Okay, I’m about to get really real here. So, you may want to skip this one. You still reading? Okay, you’ve been warned. Having a bowel movement that leaves me feeling 5 pounds lighter and like I just finished a cleanse. I’m saying.
  • Sitting in my clean house
  • Finishing ALL of the laundry
  • Having a weekend with no plans
  • Taking off heels that had the dogs barking at the end of a long evening
  • Arriving at my destination after driving for HOURS!
  • Finding money in a pocket!! Doesn’t matter if it’s $1, 5, 10 or 20! That’s FREE money $$$!!


So, those are some of my favorite best little feelings in the world!! Any of these make your list? What would you add?

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    • Girl, I’ve been struggling with that lately!! That’s why I just mixed up my own batch of moisturizer today!! Actually, I don’t think it’s just the hot shower, I also wasn’t drinking enough water. Moisturized skin definitely starts from within!! Posting on that this week!!


      • I try to drink as much water as I can but not too much. I don’t want to suffer from water intoxication. I would like to know how come I dont need to moisturize my skin in the summer/spring time but in the fall/winter time I’m hella dry!


        • Sounds like you’re drinking enough water, so could just be the drier air. It tends to be less humid in the winter and heat in the car, in our homes at work, etc, is drying to the air and our skin.


  1. I can relate to many on your list. I would add the following (not in any particular order):

    1. Finding the bomb combo of hair and body products that yield amazing results.
    2. Desert of any kind that exceed expectations.
    3. Hearty, tears rolling down the cheeks laughter.
    4. Vacation upon arrival (the planning part sucks)
    5. A great book in one hand a nice hot steamy cup of chai latte in the other
    6. Discovering something new about yourself or those you love
    7. True friends
    8. People you love and those people love you right back (too the moon and back)
    9. A beautiful, peaceful place to call “home”
    10. Technology when it works without fail and on demand


    • Hey Rhonda girl:)! Giving the thumbs up to all, but I don’t qualify several of those as “little.” Some of those are the BIG thinks! True friends? Big things. A beautiful, peaceful place to call home? Big!! #1, #5, #2, #3 (sooooo agree), … yes, kind of little things ;).


  2. Your list hit a lot of hot spots, but there are a couple of my personal ones…
    1. Hearing my kids laugh, even if it’s at my expense. Something about knowing that my babies are happy and safe makes every other problem in the world seem not so big.
    2. Cooking a big meal and watching everyone enjoy it. (then watching them clean up the mess.)
    3. Paying all the bills, putting some in savings and still having money left over for the fun stuff.


    • I suspected someone would say something about their kids Mesha!! I don’t have any yet, so couldn’t have those on my list. But LOVE #1 and can totally understand that!! #2, I don’t cook … so definitely couldn’t put that on my list! LOL!! #3, that is on my BIG things list. Seriously, I thought of it and then thought, “Financial security isn’t a little thing, it’s a big one.” When you know what it’s like to wonder how you’re going to make it to the next payday or have your car break down and not have money to fix it and are at a place in your life where you get to the next paycheck and have money left over that you can move to savings? PRICELESS!!! And BIG!! *lol* Thank you for the great additions lady!!


  3. Remember my mention of “technology when it works without fail and on demand”, well I tried an app that didnt quite measure up. So, much for voice recognition:

    1. Desert=dessert
    2. too=to


  4. The only thing that I can add besides all the other great suggestions is getting all your work done ahead of time and having nothing to do before getting off of work.


  5. Hahaa, this was SO funny, I loved all the additional ones too, like taking ones bra off after a long day and the toilet one, YES!! I call it kaka-de-kick xD. I’d have to add that one of my favorites would be a proper wood burning finnish sauna in the middle of winter. There is nothing quite as thoroughly warming when it’s -25 than to step into a properly warmed steamy sauna and use fresh spring water to wash up :).


  6. All of these sound good. To add two…Sleeping under a warmed electric blanket when it’s cold. Another one…spooning with your loved one. Hope that’s not too x-rated. lol


  7. All of the previous replies were good too!!! Financial security, seeing others enjoy my cooking, Paying off a major bill…Mortgage, Auto loan, etc.


  8. Most of these are my favorites as well, I can’t even think of nothing to Add!/! Oh maybe finishing a huge homework assignment or paper after being up all night not knowing how I was going to make it through! Great post!


  9. Co sign on all of these. I add having a smooth commute with minimal traffic, finding parking or finding a seat on the train, bus, etc. Another thing I would add is running into an old crush or nemesis on the street and you’re looking good! That’s why it always important to carry a little lipstick or gloss, because you never know who you’re gonna run into.


  10. I know i’m not the only one that LOVES “The Q-Tip Feeling” … i know you know what i’m talking about … that feeling that makes your breath pause, your toes wiggle and your upper lip twitch!?!?!


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