Daily Archives: December 9, 2012

Sometimes It’s the Little Things



Okay, this is one of those completely “Random Stuff I Like” posts that I like to do now and again ;). Probably just about every day, I have a moment where I think, “Blankety-blank-blank is the BEST feeling in world.” But, I think that about so many things, that I can’t say that any ONE thing is the best. But, I do believe that these are SOME of the …

(in no particular order)

  • Taking a hot shower (WORST feeling? Stepping out of that hot shower into a cold room!)
  • A big, long, tight hug
  • Fitting into clothes that I couldn’t wear a few months ago (BETTER feeling? When those same clothes are falling off of me!!)
  • Getting home and taking off my work clothes
  • Leaving work the last day before a long vacation
  • Finishing a work-out
  • Getting into bed knowing I don’t have to get up early to go anywhere or do anything the next day
  • Waking up from an amazing night of sleep (you know, the kind where you wake up in the same position that you started in, have creases on your face from your pillow and realize that you didn’t wake up all night? That kind of sleep!)
  • Okay, I’m about to get really real here. So, you may want to skip this one. You still reading? Okay, you’ve been warned. Having a bowel movement that leaves me feeling 5 pounds lighter and like I just finished a cleanse. I’m saying.
  • Sitting in my clean house
  • Finishing ALL of the laundry
  • Having a weekend with no plans
  • Taking off heels that had the dogs barking at the end of a long evening
  • Arriving at my destination after driving for HOURS!
  • Finding money in a pocket!! Doesn’t matter if it’s $1, 5, 10 or 20! That’s FREE money $$$!!


So, those are some of my favorite best little feelings in the world!! Any of these make your list? What would you add?