PJ Moment: Garnier Fructis Fall Fight



I am forever obsessed with products claiming to reduce shedding!!! Garnier Fructis’s Fall Fight system of shampoo, conditioner and strand saver spray claims to save 100s* of strands from shedding or breaking per month. Of course, that “*” is accompanied with the explanation … “in a brushing test that measures breakage, compared to a non-conditioning shampoo.” In comparison to a NON-CONDITIONING SHAMPOO?!?! That’s the point of comparison?!? Now you know dang well our conditioner happy butts ain’t just using shampoo!!! This is why it’s so important to read the small print!! I won’t be parting with my hard-earned money to find out if this works until they compare it to what a grown woman with two brain cells to rub together would use on wash day … A shampoo AND conditioner. PJ urge quelled!!!


Have you tried/would you try Fall Fight? If you’ve  tried it, are you seeing less shedding? 


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  1. Well…A very good friend of mine said that Garnier Fructis does not really support African Americans. Some years ago they had a problem with French people calling them out on not using any African Americans in any of their campaigns. I don’t know it was some sort of scandal so Garnier Fructis is not on my to buy list. At all…

    I know this is not what you wanted to know but I just thought I should share 🙂


  2. The only Garnier Fructris products I can attest to is their Nutriss hair dye in Blue Black & Rich Auburn Blonde also Sleek & Shine ‘poo/condish. They made my hair oh so lush waay back in relax days. I have no reason to use the poo and condish since I don’t plan on blow drying nor flat ironing my hair. Now, back to your post, lol, It sounds interesting though. If it was me, I’d get the condish and leave in spray. The shampoo would strip my hair clean and make it hella dry.


  3. Thanks for this post. I was contemplating buying this product but just from the commercial alone (white women dancing all happy with lustrous hair & the one random black chick in the back w/ curly hair that only get 5secs of shine in the camera) I was hesitant. The only reason I was even looking in GF Fall Fight’s direction is of course, my shedding issue. Plus, the product boosted caffeine which is a good ingredient to help with breakage. But I think I will stick with my Shea Moisture Anti-Breakage Yucca Deep conditioner. I don’t know if its helping with the breakage but my hair feels uber soft & smells awesome afterwards


  4. I used to fall for those marketing campaigns ALL THE TIME back in my uneducated days. Ooh they all look so happy and shiny in the commercials. And you’re supposed to use the whole system together to get the best results. Imagine this – back in my relaxer days, I would relax, set my hair in rollers, sit under a hair dryer until it was dry (about an hour and a half), take the rollers out and then blow dry/press straight, and use commercial shampoos and conditioners. Relaxers, heat, and sulfates! It’s a wonder I had any hair at all. So when I finally learned about sulfates, I ran to the bathroom and picked up my shampoo and what was there? SULFATES. I felt scandalized! Lied to for so many years! *faux faints* Almost EVERY shampoo at the drug store has sulfates in it. Lies. Lies and deception. Since dropping the sulfates, it’s like I have a whole new head of hair.

    So when I saw that commercial, I was like “uh-huh. Whatever.” A certain amount of shedding is natural, and can vary from person to person and month to month. I’m not going to pick up a product I know is based on nonsense that I KNOW will have sulfates in it. Fight the power 😛

    HOWEVER 😉 though I have not used them since going natural, I liked their frizz serum and split end conditioner.


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