Hair Journey: Relaxed to Natural … to Relaxed Again!


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Okay, so obviously this is a natural hair blog. That is my focus. But, I know that I have texlaxed readers and also suspect that I may have some followers who are relaxed. And, I think that is GREAT! I am not a person who believes that every person’s walk has to be the same. I believe that everyone has the right to choose what journey is best for them. So, I don’t judge those who choose to wear their hair relaxed, texlaxed, natural but straight, weaved up or with extensions. If it’s healthy and flattering and you aren’t judging others for THEIR choices, DO YOU BOO!!

So, I say all of that as a preface to sharing this healthy hair journey video by a young woman who transitioned from relaxed to natural and BACK TO RELAXED. I came across this video a couple of weeks ago and was soooo impressed by the growth and health of her hair. It also proved something that I’ve suspected. Some women can experience great length retention and hair health with relaxers IF they use them and heat judiciously and practice the moisturizing, strengthening and protective techniques that so many of us only learn upon going natural.

Hope that you enjoy and appreciate the sharing.

via The Happy Hair Show

“All that matters is HEALTHY hair.
Happy Hair Journey to EVERYONE. ♥”

I wholeheartedly concur.


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  1. Hi. I saw this young lady on I didn’t know about her hair journey. I’m very impressed. She takes really good care of her hair,and shows how we can achieve healthy hair also with patience and TLC. I am currently 14 months post relaxer,and I have learned so much from websites such as Hairscapades,Curly Nikki,Hairlista and a host of others. Although I have not done the big-chop,I do plan on cutting my relaxed ends off a little at a time. I am loving my hair texture,and I crave the thicker strands that are developing throughout my fine head of hair. For that reason I don’t think I’ll be going back to relaxed hair. But,never say never. Just do what feels right for you!! Happy Hair Journey!!!!


    • Oops… wrong post! That was for the next one… but ummmmmm…

      Your hair is awesome! If I knew then, what I know now, my relaxed hair would have probably been even longer than it was.


  2. I agree. Everyone’s hair journey doesn’t have to be the same. When I was relaxed, I retained length no problem. For me, the choice not to relax is based more on health reasons.

    My sister’s doctor discovered whenever she would get a relaxer her pressure went up…the sodium hydroxide maybe?

    Anyway, my mom also got a suspicious brain tumor (non-cancerous) that developed over years. No proof this is the cause from a relaxer of course. I just figure with all of these Unknowns, I’d rather not push the limit.

    Just like I wouldn’t put chemicals in my body, I don’t want to put them on my body. It’s definitely a choice and the food we eat also has a direct impact on our health. It’s such a journey for me too because I truly struggle with the eating part. One day at a time…OK I’m veering off a little lol


  3. Her hair is lovely. The relaxer life seems to work well for her. I just can’t get past the smell and longterm effects of putting a chemical on my hair and scalp at this point in my life. I did it for so many years.
    I do think videos like this are helpful for people who choose to relax. It shows them that they can grow long hair- – –


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