Wallis Fashion 30% off EVERYTHING Flash Event


I forgot to tell you guys about the last big WallisFashion.com sale, so I had to tell you about this one! Through this Saturday, December 1st, EVERYTHING in the store is up to 30% off aaaaaaand it also looks like they are giving an additional 10% off your purchase with discount code: SALE 10 (don’t know if that runs through Saturday, but just google discount codes and try WALLIS10 too as that has worked for me several times!)!! Also, there’s FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $30!

If you don’t recall, this is the other reasonably priced online UK seller (Asos being the first ;)) from which I purchased that awesome leopard print skirt that I showed you guys here , here and here.

At the last big sale, I picked up this really cute peplum skirt and jacket … which fit, but will fit a lot better once I lose about 5 pounds (Operation “Get Right” is on Day 3 today; Ahhhhhhh here it go!!!).

Once I lose those 5 pounds, I’ll take it on a test drive and will share pics for sure!

Now, with this up to 30% off EVERYTHING sale, plus the additional 10% that you can get off all purchases with discount code: SALE 10, I’m eyeballing this black crepe waterfall jacket and black PU pencil skirt. I think these might be great holiday pieces that work well from day to evening too!

My only concerns? Will the waterfalls put a spotlight on my “ample” hips, which I’m aiming to camouflage and is that PU skirt LINED?!? I’m a sweater. This could be a reallllly bad look … and feel … if it isn’t. Hmmm, I guess I could always wear a slip though. PROBLEM SOLVED!! (Seriously, I just figured that out as I was writing this! LOL!!)

A quick note: Wallis has UK sizes with a conversion chart for the US. So, just make certain that you follow that! I’ve found that when I chose an honest US size (8 for skirts = 12 UK size and 6 for tops = 10 UK size) the clothes fit my 5’1″, currently … ughhhh … 143 pound, slightly pear-shaped, hourglass frame well.

Anywho, just wanted to share! Do you guys like when I share discounts and sales at the places that I like to shop? Hope so! Let me know one way or the other in the comments *hint hint* (If you didn’t figure it out, that’s my way of trying to get you guys to comment. It’s been quiet around here for weeks with the exception of that Ebonnet Giveway post!! *lol*)

ETA: Ummm … how about I ordered the PU skirt and forgot about it? It was at my door when I got home from work a few minutes ago!!! LMBO!!!

Perfect fit! I love it when a plan comes together!!

I should order it in the size 10 UK/6 US  too so that I have one for when I lose this weight! That’s what I did with the leopard print! 😉 Yeah, about that losing weight … time to get changed and hit the basement for C25K Day 2!


Speaking of the holidays, what are you planning to wear for dinners and events? Is it already hanging in your closet or are you still trying to figure it out?


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  1. I love the skirts. I’ve never been into wearing them, but that cut I believe would look great on me. I just wish that clothes overseas sized their clothes like the US. Had an opportunity to shop while overseas and had to learn the hard way ab their sizes. Even sucking it in isn’t help.


    • Charmaine, I’m always TERRIFIED to buy pants and/or skirts online b/c I tend to have to try on 20 to find ONE that fits my waist/hips/butt. But I have a perfect track records with Wallis so far as it seems their US sizes are mimicking ours closely … which means they are downsized. Because, I know dang well that I’d probably be in a 10 or 12 US, rather than an 8, back in the 80s! In fact, I think that’s what happened. The UK sizes stuck … the US does vanity sizes. So, if you were around in the 80s, think of what junior size you would have worn then and use that as a gauge;). This is for Wallis. I can’t say for any other UK seller.


  2. OMG – Shelii, that waterfall jacket is gorgeous! I have a leopard print sweater and I’m so gonna duplicate that outfit when I find a similar skirt (in my price range).

    ps. I had to put my C25K on *PAUSE* when daylight savings time rolled over. *sheds a tear*
    (I still run-walk down the halls at work when no one’s watching, LOL!)


  3. hey Shelli I like when you do these posts because I am always looking for a place that sells clothes online for people with hips and thighs. looks like they have some cute things that are my style so I will be going on to the website and check it out. thanks.


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