Bunning Challenge: Week One Buns


Hey guys. So, you see that I’m still off of a normal posting schedule. Though we are back in the house, I’m still off my game. This weekend, going to try to get the house back in order, hit the grocery store and work up a lot of overdue posts for next week. Until then, this is just a quick post to tell you what I’ve done with my hair for the first week of the Hairscapades Bunning Challenge!

I de-shedded and pre-pooed (Aubrey GPB + HSR + Vatika Oil) on Sunday after we got home (. Despite being overdue for a wash by a week, my hair felt pretty good. It didn’t smell the best … lol … but it felt and looked soft and decently moisturized! That definitely reinforced the benefits of bunning for me and encouraged me with this challenge.

I usually like to keep my pre-poo in overnight, but overnight turned into me rocking a pre-poo bun through Wednesday night.


Left: Mon & Tues bunned twists. Cute? Not really. Functional? Yup!; Right: Wed mid-height bun.

Finally, on Wednesday night, I sucked it up and washed my hair. But, I phoned it in. *lol* What I mean, is that I didn’t go full throttle. I washed my hair loose and I didn’t deep condition. I figured, with a three day pre-poo, my hair was moisturized enough. And, you know what? It went fine. Here’s a quick run down.

Wash Day

  • Shampooed with diluted *Bye Bye Parabens Rosemary Mint shampoo.
  • Conditioned and detangled with *Bye Bye Parabens Rosemary Mint conditioner.
  • Blotted hair with Curl Cloth to sop up the drippies.
  • Applied Mizani True Textures Curls Soft Leave-in to hair in four sections.
  • Set hair in 6 braids using Mizani True Textures Curl Set Jelly.
  • Sealed ends with Wonder Curl Polishing Pomade.

*Note: Bye Bye Parabens contains non-water soluble silicones. 

The next morning, my hair wasn’t completely dry, so I sat under my hard bonnet dryer for about 20-30 minutes. It still wasn’t fully dry, but I released it anyway with a little more Wonder Curl Polishing Pomade. Then, I tried something new! Over the weekend, I came across a post on The Mane Objective (who’s participating in the bunning challenge! Yea!!) about her DIY fluffy styling cream inspired by Naptural85. Well, I didn’t go so far as to make it. Noooo. LOL! But, I have this Pooka Pure & Simple Cocoa Baby Whipped Cream body cream that has similar ingredients (shea butter, cocoa butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, olive oils and Vitamin E). So, I figured, “What the heck?” I love re-purposing stuff, so I applied the body cream to my edges and tied them down with a satin scarf for the ride to work. I also loosely twisted and clipped up the length of my hair to allow it to dry more and reduce frizzing.

Once I got to work, I released my hair for a nicely defined braid-out … that I bunned shortly thereafter.

I actually think I look nicer with my bun! #WINNING

So, I think I’ll wear my hair down this weekend … maybe … then, I’ll I’ll skip washing my hair this weekend and will bun it through next week as well.



So, to my Bunning Challenge ladies, how is your first week going? To all my other ladies, what’s up with you? How did you rock your hair this week? Are you rocking a new winter style or do you see one in your future?


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  1. I had mine in two mini Princess Leia buns, but I just washed today (after two weeks). I keep forgetting how long it takes for hair to dry.
    So since I don’t own a hooded dryer, I’m just sitting here next to the radiator…


  2. Okay, I’ve been stalking your site/blog for a couple of weeks. I went natural in 2009 but I find my progress is hit-and-miss. So, I’ve decided to do the bun challenge and wore my first bun last night. I took pics but not sure how, or if I’d even want to post (lol). I haven’t done a length check with it fairly straightened in a bit but it was just past bra length in the back at last check and it shrinks like crazy while curly, sooo. My goal is just past bra length, all over, hair that IS strong as well as looks strong (sorta like Skills’) and to train my curls. I did a basic bun last night but will try the banana clip tonight!


  3. LOL @ A Simple Thing! I can envision that… Hey Shelli – I really wanted to participate in the Bun Challenge but as you saw from the tweet tags – I am having too much fun with my hair to actually bun it away! I think its because I was in those braids for two months… I guess I will have to bow out of this challenge but I will be trying out some protective styles to keep my hair away from the harsh winter wind and cold, and maintain my growth. Thank you for being inventive with the challenges and I look forward to the next one in the coming year!


  4. I am actually not doing the bunning challenge for a couple of reasons; I would get bored of buns so often and my hair needs a lot of gel in front to stay smooth, so I’m not crazy about having to use a lot of product. However I tried out a sock bun today (thank you for posting Laila’s tutorial! She’s adorable. Could listen to her talk all day), and I loved it! I might bun more often, since I love the sock bun 🙂


  5. The bunning challenge is going great! I try to experiment and do different kind of buns. Yesterday I wore my hair down for 3 hours and today for 2 hours. One thing I did notice is that my ears are soooooo cold now that I’m bunning! I have to go buy some earwarmers =)


  6. I stayed In a bun for 5 days, which was my goal. 6 if u count today. I took it Down every 2nd day for a scalp massage, moisturizer, seal, etc. will wash tomorrow… Let it air dry & start all over again. I like a Hugh bun, but I am trying to switch it up a bit, so did a side bun for a few days. Next, will attempt a sock bun.


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