Sock Bun Tutorials


Thought I’d kick off the first Monday of the Hairscapades Bunning Challenge with a sock bun tutorial from an awesome YouTuber, Laila-Jean aka Fusion of Cultures!

Hair not long enough to cover a sock bun? Check out this video to learn how to make your own with the synthetic braiding hair of your choice! Then, just pop it on and secure with bobby pins!

Just need a “plain” sock bun? You can find synthetic bun forms at Sally Beauty Supply or take the DIY route and make your own like I did using the following tutorial!

via Curlista

Finally, have longer hair? Then check out this technique for using a sock bun when your strands are too long to tuck under the sock bun or too fine to cover it in one pass!

via WendysLookbook

See, there’s a sock bun for everyone :)!!


Do you rock a sock ;)? If so, any tips or tricks to help us get the most out of the look?


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  1. Yes I rock the sock/donut bun and I love it! When using one make sure it matches your hair. Don’t make a sock bun with a pink sock UNLESS your hair is thick enough to cover it all and absolutely nothing peeks true.


  2. I never seen it done like in the last vid but I’m definitely going to give it a try. My hair is super fine and fly away so maybe that technique will help keep my hair in place


  3. I rock the sock buns too. I did so all last week. My sock bun proved to me that I had some growth. When I big chopped in May (after 18month transition), my hair barely covered the bun, but now, I see no trace of the bun! Great videos!


  4. Whenever I do a high bun, I use my trusty sock bun. I made it fairly big and fat by using a pair of thick calf length socks I didn’t particularly like ( they had those individual toe things). I cut the toes off and rolled the first sock into itself and the second sock was rolled over it so it was big and fat so it could hold all my hair. Now that my hair is longer, I pull the hair through one time, smooth it over the sock, secure it with a hair tie, then pull the hair out to create and obnoxiously big bun. It work for me.


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