Home Sweet Home!!


Finally home in a warm house, with hot water, cable and internet after 13 days with no power!!! 13 DAYS!!!! That was out of control. But, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to my friends Anthony (Sci-5 FOREVER!!) and Jackie who took us in for the week, kept us warm, gave us internet and cable and fed me too much ;).! They were sooooo AWESOME!!

Anywho, now that we are back in the house, I was finally able to pre-poo this 2 week old hair so that I can wash it and officially begin the #hairscapadesbunchallenge!! Knowing myself well enough though, I’ll probably be rocking a pre-poo bun tomorrow ;D!!


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  1. 13 days?! *That’s cray-zzzz!* (I seriously despise that Kai commercial but just couldn’t help myself). So glad that you are back in your abode!


  2. Thanks guys! Yes, it WAS currrrraaaaaayyyyzzzzeeee!!! *smh* But, God is good and we were okay and now can get back to normal. Wei is going to miss his buddy though;). They hung tough:).


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