Hairscapades Bunning Challenge


Told you that it was coming soon ;)! LOL! Before Hurricane Sandy interfered with my best-laid plans :P, I wanted to debut a bunning challenge on Hairscapades for the month of November! As many of you know, I wore my hair out a LOT this summer after a layered haircut in June. And though I still saw some great length retention at my front, sides and crown, the longest section in the back remained pretty stagnant.

Right: 6/15/12 ; Left: 10/20/12

So, I decided that I wanted to go into protective styling mode and a bun challenge might be a great way to get started and stay motivated. But, Frankenstorm interfered with my announcement posts plans. However, at the same time, it jump-started my personal challenge as I couldn’t wash my hair on my normal weekly schedule because I haven’t had power or hot water for 11 days. So, I got to bunning last Saturday … without you guys *sheepish grin*.

But, earlier today, I shared my Best Bun Practices as a lead-in for the challenge announcement! You can follow my regimen there or create your own. The key is to make certain that you build a regimen that is gentle, doesn’t put unnecessary stress or excess tension on your edges and strands, tucks your ends, and reduces environmental and mechanical damage.

Bunning Challenge Guidelines

  • This challenge will run for two full months from Sunday, November 11, 2012 to Saturday, January 12, 2013.
  • The only rule is that you must wear your hair in a bun style for a minimum of 5 days a week for the course of the challenge.
  • I will host “virtual” check-ins at the beginning of each week with short posts that I’ll gear towards answering questions I receive from you guys about techniques, products, challenges, setbacks, concerns, etc.
  • I have created a Hairscapades Bunning Challenge 2012″ FB album, so that everyone can share pics of their buns! To submit a pic, e-mail me at I’ll update the album as I receive pics or weekly. You can also share your pics on Instagram! Just use hashtag #hairscapadesbunchallenge and tag me at @hairscapades please!

So, want in?

To participate: List your name, starting length and your 2 month goal in the comments below. In addition, please indicate how many days a week you plan to bun and the core steps of your regimen (listing products is optional). And, if you just want to go hog monkey wild, send me a starting pic for the Bunning Challenge FB album too ;)!

And now, I’ll “officially” kick this thing off!!


Name: Shelli aka Hairscapades aka Skills

Starting length: Armpit to waist length

Goal: Grow and retain an additional inch of hair all around.

Weekly Regimen: Pre-poo, wash, condition, deep condition (alternate moisturizing and protein, as needed) and stretch hair with a braid-out, twist out or some other method. Bun 5-6 days a week and wear my hair down 1-2 days a week.


Ready? Let’s go!! 😉


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  1. Name: Simone/PttSophisticate

    Starting length: Sholder to mid back

    Goal: Grow and retain particularly on sides and crown area

    Weekly Regimen: Pre-poo, wash, condition/deep condition and stretch. Bun 5 days a week in various styles. Take out most evenings before retiring.


  2. Name: Anika

    Staring Length: Armpit length to bra strap length

    Goal: To have stronger and healthy hair. Retain 1.5 inches of growth.

    Regimen: henna each month. co-wash or wash weekly stretch using braid outs or flat twist outs. Moisturize using the LOC method as needed.

    I’ve been natural for 5 years and this is the first challenge I’ve ever participated in and I’m so excited!!

    Thanks Shelli!


  3. Name: Christina

    Length: 2 inches above bra strap

    Goal: Strong healthy and bra strap length hair

    Regimen: Co-wash once a week with deep-condition and hot oil. Bun 5 days a week especially for gym work-outs. Flat twist-out 2 days a week

    I’ve been natural for as long as I can remember but I love my hair flat-iron to show the length and health


  4. I read both Bun posts and i’m IN! Lol. I was just thinking this mooring that I want to start stretching my washes out to 2 weeks and keeping my 2 stand twists in longer. I can always use new style ideas.


  5. I wanna do it, I wanna do it.
    Name: Reese
    Current length: 1-2 inch below shoulder length
    Goal: Healthy hair and armpit length
    Regimen: Prepoo, wash, condition/deep condtion. Bun for 5-7 days with hair out 1-2 days.

    Hopefully after I get a trim in mid Nov this will help with my ratchet ends. #stupidheatandcolordamage. 🙂


  6. I really gotta learn to type my thoughts in one darn comment LOL. This bun challenge reminds me of the sophisticated bun series I did last year. I almost forgot about it! I guess i’ll dig out some of those styles for this here challenge of yours! Feel free to share it 😉


    • LOL! You can send me a pic of your stretched hair as a starting point if you want Michelle! Everyone should probably keep one so that they can compare when they are ready. But, I was thinking of this more as a challenge to keep hair in the bun, though growth/health is the goal. So, whatever people feel like doing, I’m down! And, cool! I’ll pull some posts from that series. Did you do a gallery post for the buns?


  7. Name: Dana

    Starting length: armpit to midback length (longest layer is 12 inches)

    Goal: longest layer 14 inches

    Weekly Regimen: Pre-poo, wash, co-wash and condition, deep condition. Rhassoul Clay treatment once a month, amla treatment once a month, henna and indigo once a month and stretch hair with a braid-out, twist out or some other method. Bun 6 days a week and wear my hair down 1 day a week. Daily moisturize and sealing.


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  9. Name: LaToya aka NaturalleBlessed

    Starting length: Armpit length

    Goal: Protection from the cold weather, growth, and retention

    Weekly Regimen: Pre-poo, wash, condition, deep condition. Will stretch hair with whatever method is convenient for the day. Bun 5-6 days a week.


  10. Name: Monica C.

    Starting length: brastrap length

    Goal: midback length

    BIweekly Regimen: Pre-poo (ideally), wash and condition. Apply leave-in, moisturizer and oil. What I have not been doing is stretching by braiding the hair; I have been wet bunning. For this challenge, I am going to let the hair dry in braids, instead, and then begin bunning once the hair is dry. This will cut down on the tangles “inside” the bun near the crown of my head.

    I have been transitioning to natural since February 2011.

    I am a marathon runner and buns are my only style so far!


  11. Name: Carla

    Starting length: Bra strap length

    Goal: Mid back length

    Weekly Regimen:
    -Wash (shampoo or cowash depending on what’s needed) twice a week.
    -Deep condition once a week.
    -Moisturize and seal as needed
    -Stretch hair via twisting after wash
    -Seal ends daily.
    -Henna once a month.
    -Light protein or B-5 as needed.

    -Tresemme Naturals (cowash)
    -Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa (cowash)
    -Trader Joe’s Tree Tea Tingle (cowash and leave-in)
    -L’Oreal EverCreme Cleansing Conditioner
    -L’Oreal EverSleek Deep conditioner (DC)
    -Giovanni shampoos
    -Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie (heavy leave-in)
    -Curls Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste (styler)
    -Ecostyler Argan Oil Gel (styler)
    -Oyin Burnt Sugar (sealer)
    -Various oils I have on hand (sealer)
    -BAQ Henna


  12. Name: Seyna

    Starting length: grazing shoulder

    Goal: full shoulder length after trimming remaining relaxed ends

    Weekly Regimen: pre-poo (warm oil/butter mix of shea, coconut, jasmine, amla, evoo, argan, rosemary essential oil beeswax; throw on shower cap), wash (sulfate free poo), condish (store purchased light protein or moisturizing) detangle in shower, dc (and/or rhassoul, henna, evoo, shea, amla, coconut, argan, rosemary essential oil beeswax, conconction of fruit/yogurt/egg/honey…, store purchased), apply leave in (homemade mix with aloe or store purchased), seal with oil/butter mix, braid stretch, bun 5-6 days, wear hair down 1-2 days (might use curl enhancer, styling leave in, gel), nightly satin bonnet

    as needed: clarify, cowash, large teeth comb, blow out, length check flat iron, protein treatment

    Please let me know what you think, ladies: anything that might hurt my hair?… Thanks, stay blessed 🙂


    • Seyna, what’s the purpose of the beeswax? I’ve never seen anyone use that in a pre-poo. Just wondering if that and shea butter are productive in a pre-poo as they don’t penetrate the hair shaft. Oh! Or is rosemary EO beeswax one thing? I’ve never heard of that! Seems like you have a really natural regimen with a lot of homemade stuff. That’s awesome! I’m too lazy for that! LOL!!


  13. Leah Evans. My hair longest layer was at my elbow; I just cut it into a medium length A line curly bob (it is now shoulder length curly). 2 month goal is 1-1.5 inches (my hair grows VERY fast. Lucky me, I know, LOL) length retained.
    Tightly Curly and Curly Girl Methods.
    I co-cleanse once or twice a week, massage with castor oil or rosemary olive oil once a week, deep condition twice a month, and baking soda soften once a month.
    In the winter I seal with aloe vera; summer, with cocoa butter mixture.
    Leave in conditioners I rotate; Cantu natural collection, Carol’s daughter Hair Milk/Pudding and Black Vanilla spray, and Palmers Coconut moisturizer are favorites.
    I don’t use combs or brushes- just fingers (part of the curly Girl and Tightly curly methods),
    Hair type 3b/3c.
    Been natural my whole life, but due to auto-immune disorders I struggle with sudden hair loss/balding every few years.
    Longest my hair has been is waist length, curly. I have gotten it to my elbows about 6 times in the last 10 years- and cut it to my chin 3 times during that time.
    Good luck everybody! Looking forward to the inspiration:)


  14. Hello everyone all the way from the Netherlands….

    Name: Grace
    Starting length: shoulder length (not really but I’m claiming it)
    Goal: Is arm pit length to much growth to ask for in two months???
    Regimen: Pre-poo, co wash, deep condition and stretch hair with a twist out. Bun 5-6 days a week and wear my hair down 1-2 days a week.



  15. Name: Missy

    Starting Length: Mid-back

    Goal: Grow and retain 3 inches all around

    Weekly regimen: wash 1x per week, co-wash 1x per week, deep condition after co-wash, moisturize after each wash/co-wash with homemade olive and essential oil mix, henna 1x per month, blow dry with cool/warm heat on low setting, seal with Moroccan oil, bun M-F, no bun on weekends, trim twice monthly, satin scarf for sleep….


  16. Name: Nancy P.
    Starting length: APL
    Goal: BSL
    Regimen: weekly- pre poo with my essential oil blend, wash/co-wash, deep condition (more moisturizing than protein), leave in with kimmaytube recipe. I double the recipe & use a modified tightly curly method. 2 strand twists to air dry. May use banding to stretch. JBCO on edges. Aiming to bun 5-6 days a week. Need to get creative & move the bun around to avoid any issues. I rotate & use various products, hence none specifically mentioned.


  17. Name: Adanya
    Starting length: shoulder length
    Goal: 2-3 inches in growth
    Regimen: pre-poo, co-wash or wash, deep condition once a week. Moisturize daily, henna monthly.
    Bun 5-6 days a week, down 1-2 days a week.


  18. Name: Tasia
    Starting Length: APL/BSL
    Goal: BSL all over
    Regimen: Wash, deep condition once a week. Take down bun every other day to moisturize, seal. Wear bun at least 5 days a week. Wear down 2 days maximum a week.


  19. Name: Trice aka BreatheFashion3c

    Starting length: Armpit Length

    Goal: At least 3 inches of growth.

    Regimen: Remain in Box Braids/Twists until February, re-doing them every 4 weeks. When I take them down I will pre-poo, cleanse with a conditioning cleanser, use a rinse out conditioner, DC, and re-braid/twist. The only style I will wear with these is a big bun! I started this personal challenge a little over a week ago, and this Hairscapades challenge is right on time! It will be my extra push of motivation. Happy Bunning Ladies!


  20. Name: Dorothy

    Starting length: Armpit length

    Goal: 1.5 inches

    Regimen: Prepoo with Aubrey Organics and coconut oil, cleanse with Creme of Nature shampoo or Devacare No Poo, deep condition with Redken Smooth Down Butter Treat or Aveda Color Conserve conditioner then use As I Am leave in and seal with avocado oil every 1 to 2 weeks. Stretch my hair with braids, moisturize with Qhemet Biologics Burdock Root Butter and seal with Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar Pomade as needed. If hair does not need to be re-stretched apply a light leave in and sealant for moisture.

    I actually just started bunning and I’m very happy this challenge is here. This is exciting!


  21. OH SNAP Shelli! You said quick! LOLOL!

    Name: Faye

    Starting lengths:

    Shoulder length – Front
    Armpit length – Sides
    Shoulder blades (not quite bra-strap length) – Back

    Goal: Bra-strap Length

    Regimen: (May change depending on… like EVERYTHING! LOL)
    Wash every 10 days with Suave Professional Naturals after Pre-pooing with coconut oil and GPB Deep conditioning every other wash with off brand Sally’s Biolage conditioner
    Wear down two days, the other five – bunned with scarves (for those days when… you know…), with a sock and going to try this new bun technique with a leg warmer for an extra large bun!


  22. Name: Alexis
    Starting length: about one inch below shoulder length, bangs: chin length
    Goal: one inch of retained (healthy) length or maybe even mid-shoulder blade
    Regimen: wash every weekend with shampoo and conditioner after pre-pooing with jojoba oil and or GPB deep condish…stretch with a braid out, twist out, or light blowdry.
    wear down 1-2 days (the weekend) and bunned the other 5-6 except maybe my cousin’s wedding weekend 11-17


  23. I wanna do it
    Name: Miche’al
    Current length: 1-2 inch below armpit
    Goal: Healthy hair and waist length
    Regimen: Prepoo, wash, henna,condition/deep condtion. Bun for 5 days with hair out 1-2 days. Ombré my hair, maybe.


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  25. Name: La Nita aka Hur Jurnee

    Starting length: bra strap (front and sides) to mid-back length (back)

    Goal: Grow 1 inch and retain overall length

    Weekly Regimen: I will pre-poo my hair on Saturday night, co-wash every Sunday, and sleep in braids to stretch my hair for bunning. I will wear a bun from Monday through Friday, and let my hair breathe a little on Saturdays. I will dc every other week, and henna once a month.

    Looking forward to this challenge!


  26. Name: JTwisdom
    Starting Length:arm pit to waist length
    Goal: To retain length & add an 1 to 1 1/2 inches all around
    Weekly regimen: Deep condition or pre poo and steam treatment every Friday overnight, cleanse Saturday or Sunday. Stretch hair with twist out or braid out, bantu knots or rods.

    Wear hair in bun Monday through Friday unless I have to wear my hair down for a special occasion during the week, then I will wear a bun on the weekend.

    Wear hair down 1 to 2 days a week.


  27. Yay! Bun challenge, I’ve been doing this since my semester started in August. I haven’t worn my hair out in weeks. But I really wanna be serious not just lazy. ~blushing~
    Name: Amii
    Starting Length: back-shoulder, sides-grazing shoulders, front-nose
    Goal: Retain length and be able to cut all my hair to same length (about shoulder)
    Weekly Regimen: deep conditioning/pre-poo then co-wash, co-wash mid week when needed, stretching after every wash, oiling scalp every other day with sulfur based oil.
    I will not be wearing my hair down, maybe for special occasion but highly un-likely.


  28. Name: Phoenix
    Starting length: armpit
    Goal: gain an additional healthy 1-1.5 inches
    Weekly regimen: weekly Cowash, bi-weekly wash & deep condition & every couple of days moisturize & seal

    I want to bun at least 5 days during the week & wear my hair out on the weekend


  29. Name: Kim

    Starting length: Shoulder to (almost) Armpit

    Goal: Grow and retain an additional inch of hair all around.

    Weekly Regimen: Pre-poo, wash, deep condition, leave in conditioner, seal, stretch with twists. Bun 5 days a week. Take down nightly to moisturize. Wear my hair loose 2 days a week.



  30. Whoot! I’m so ready for this 🙂

    Name: A Simple Thing

    Starting length: Just above Arm Pit Length

    Goal: To break my APL plateau!

    Weekly Regime: Pre-poo, ACV, condition, leave in conditioner, stretch (somehow). Bun 5 days out of 7 at least.

    Let’s do this!


  31. Name: Mershauna

    Starting length: mbl

    Goal: Full mbl, moistured,shiny hair,a more consistant routine

    Weekly regimen: pre-poo, detangle,wash, deep condition,stretch, bun mon-fri

    p.s. (my final GOC update will be in your inbox soon :))


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  33. Name: Lisha

    Starting length: Sides: a little below shoulder. Front: Nose. Back: nape of neck

    Goal: Grow and retain 1-1.5 inch all around. Ultimate goal, shoulder length unstretched.

    Weekly Regimen: Pre-poo, wash, condition, deep condition (alternate moisturizing and protein, as needed). Moisturize and seal hair as needed and oil scalp every other day. Stretch hair with a braid-out, twist out or some other method. Bun 5-6 days a week and wear my hair down 1-2 days a week


  34. Name: Viënna

    Starting lenght: Between SL and APL

    Goal: Retain all my lenght, Be consistant with my regimen, Grow hair to APL (long term goal is to be BSL)

    Weekly Regimen:
    -Shampoo/Co-wash 1-2x week (more if I work out)
    -Deep Condition 1-2x week
    -Add my leave-ins + serum
    -Airdry, Blow dry or do a Rollerset
    -Moisturize and Seal
    -Style hair in a bun

    Bun 5 days a week


  35. Name: Jasmine Mitchell

    Starting length: 1/2inch from BSL (13 inches measured all over)

    Goal: Full BSL (14 inches)

    Weekly Reg: Dry Deep Cond;/ Wash,Cond.,detangle/ add mositurizer/ braid or twist to airdry/ release & bun/ 5days


  36. Name: Charelle

    Starting Length: 9-12 inches

    Goal: Retain another inch over the next two months

    Weekly Regimen:

    Shampoo: Once a week Trader Joe’s Nourishing Spa Shampoo
    Condition: Deep Condition with AO GPB Conditioner and Olive Oil
    Wash N Go: KCKT and KCCC

    Wear hair out for 2 days and bun for 5 days. When my hair starts feeling dry, I’ll add a shea butter and olive oil mix to it.

    I tagged you in my starting pic on Instagram Shelli, my Instagram name is curlyrel. 🙂


  37. Nia

    Starting Length: APL

    Goal: BSL

    Regimin: Wash weekly, co-wash once a week or as needed, pre-poo treatment with JCBO, bi-weekly deep condition. WNG 2days, Bun styles 5 days



    Name : Landy

    Starting Length: SL-APL

    Goal: To have stronger healthy hair and BSL

    Weekly Regimen: co- wash,deep condition, daily moisturize and sealing,stretch hair w /braid-out. Bun 5 days a week.


  39. Name: Christina (@maneobjective on Instagram)
    Starting Length: approx. 14inches//bra strap length
    Short-Term Goal: mid back length (18inches)
    Long-Term Goal: waist length
    Weekly regimen: Co-wash with Aussie Moist or Tresemme Anti Breakage, Clarify as necessary with ACV, apply ApHogee Green Tea & Keratin Restructurizer or ApHogee ProVitamin Leave-In, moisturize with water, seal with DIY fluffy styling cream (shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba, sweet almond, vitamin e). Henna monthly and deep condition every 2 weeks with Shea Moisture Raw Shea Deep Treatment Masque or Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack.

    Aiming to bun 5-6 days per week…7 if I feel gangsta!


  40. Name:Lucky
    Starting Length: Two inches past APL
    Short-Term Goal: Healthier hair
    Long-Term Goal BSL
    Weekly Regimen: prep for washing by finger detangling and sectioning hair, cowash with suave naturals, deep condition with a mix of AOHSR ,coconut milk, amla powder and coconut oil and use under the Heautiful steamer, rinse and oil my scalp, use a leave-in and put it in a pineapple to dry and stretch. After it dries, use the LOC method and put it in a bun.


  41. Name: JoAnn
    Starting Length: 9.5 inches
    Short term Goal: My hair is in good condition, but wearing it out creates more tangles and a few SSKs. So the Real Short term goal is to reduce the tangles and the few SSK that I experience from time to time.
    Long Term Goal: A healthy 1 inch or 1.5 inches.

    I am also planning to try to finger detaingle as well. I started the bunning and finger detaingling concept over the weekend.

    Good luck to us all!!!


  42. Name: Moraa

    Starting length: Shoulder to Mid Back Length (huge range! but i have natural layers)

    Goal: Grow and retain an additional inch of hair all around.

    Weekly Regimen: Pre-poo, wash, condition, deep condition. Bun approx 5-6 days a week.


  43. Name: Alyssa

    Starting length: just past SL (cut off about 5″ of damaged hair last week.)

    Goal: To reach BSL by April and approaching APL by January/February. I want my hair to be thick, happy and healthy!

    Weekly regimen: Cowash once or twice a week with Aussie Moist preceeded by a honey + Masquintense prepoo if I need moisture OR Frederic Fekkai rx protein if I need to balance my protein. Daily moisturise and seal into a protective style. Twice weekly, I do a peppermint oil and cold castor scalp massage and I want to incorporate henna soon too.

    Wish me luck! I was terrible to my hair for the last three years. Dyed it 6 times in a week, straightened it regularly at 200C with olive oil, brushed it harshly, backcombing… you name the crime, I commited it! My formerly thick mane is now a thin shadow of itself but I can already see progress so yay! Good things come to those who wait. 🙂


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  45. Name: Mel

    Starting length: Just past BSL in back, Just past collar bone in front when semi-straightened.

    Goal: Past BSL hair all over/ healthy inside so it shows on the outside/ Train my curls

    Going to try wearing my various bun styles 5 days a week.


  46. Name: Cicely
    Starting Length: Middle of my shoulder blades in back and my collar bones in the front.
    Goal:Past my shoulder blades in the back and arm pit length in front.
    Regimen: Co wash every week, Deep condition on Sundays, moisturize, and bun!


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  51. Name: Cap Parker/PrissyMrsParker (ig)
    Starting length: slightly past shoulders/collar bone
    Goal: 1-1.5 inches and better maintenance routine
    Regimen: co-wash and dc once a week, moisturize daily with water/coconut oil/conditioner mix, low tension buns to preserve edges. 2


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