Curly ‘Fro


Okay, LOVING this!! May have to give the curly ‘fro a try soon!! Like Shaniece, it’s hard for me to get a ‘fro look due to my length. But, I think this is possible! Don’t think I’ll be giving it a try tonight given Hurricane Sandy aka “Frankenstorm’s” imminent arrival tonight and predictions of 4-8″ of rain in the next 3 days. But, I’ll definitely be putting it in the Style Inspiration Library to check-out at a later date ;)!

via PGneiicey

Gorgeous woman and gorgeous hair!! 


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  1. Meh. I’m sure anyone with type 2 & 3 “good hair” hair results will come out looking like that. Especially since they have it easier.

    So whatever. *shrug*

    I’m tired of these over-hyped type 2s & 3s getting more shine while us type 4s are being left in the shadows.


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