Halloween Hilarity


OMGosh, this clip from the Jimmy Kimmel show last year is hysterical. I have a feeling that I’ll watch it every year around Halloween as long as YouTube is around. It is a classic! One day, I hope to do this to my own child! LMBO!!

“You sneaky mom!!”


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  1. Too funny. Hubby actually threw our eldest daughter’s candy away two years ago. My daughter and I hunted around the house and in the cars for that candy for the longest time trying to figure out what happened too it. I finally asked him a couple of weeks later and he said . . . “I threw that away a long time ago!” I never told her what happened. It was a HUGE bag of candy!


  2. Those last two boys were HI-LARIOUS! They were so matter-of-fact and reasonable…lmbo!

    I have a low tolerance for whiny kids, so the others were not so much funny as annoying…unless I’m in one of my torture-a-whiny-kid moods…then those would’ve been right up my alley!


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