NYCC 2012 Recap



I’m sitting here at 10:15 pm with indigo in my hair that I need to rinse, so that I can deep condition! But, I didn’t want to let another day go by without sharing a ton of pics from New York Comic Con 2012!

Here are some of the highlights!!

Day 1: Friday, October 12th

Kasim, my Comic Con road dog for four years and running.

We were attacked by Aliens almost immediately upon our arrival on Friday morning!!

Burt Ward and Adam West, TV’s Batman and Robin, were awesome!! They were so funny and obviously good friends who enjoyed their time together on the show. Adam gave us a little Mayor Adam West and Burt threw out a few, “Holey Moley Batmans!!” This was definitely one of the big highlights of the Con for me this year!

There were so many female Loki’s!! This young lady was among the best!
Those horns are massive!! Talk about needing good posture!!

Artists’ Alley
As I mentioned the other day, comfort and warmth were my number one and two priorities
when choosing my OOTD!! So, I picked up this hooded sweater (which is actually from the plus sizes)
and faux-fur lined combat boots at Marshall’s earlier that week!

Gandalf and Frodo!! They had several of these amazing Lego sculptures!!

Catwoman and Deadpool. This was our entertainment while waiting on line for an autograph from Anne Rice. Deadpool was wile’in out!! (Btw: the line was out of control and we never made it anywhere near Anne Rice
… waste of an hour. But, at least I got this pic!).

This is the other big highlight of the Con! I got to see Seth Green at the Robot Chicken panel in the packed to capacity 5000 seat IGN Theater! He was so frickin’ funny, sweet and nice! He was giving people hugs, taking pics, accepting gifts! I just want to put him in my pocket and carry him around (he’s little like me and Wei ;)). Almost got to ask him a question too (was trying to get my own hug! *lol*), but they cut the line off, like, 2 people ahead of me!! Boooh!!!! 

Day 2: Saturday, October 13th

This was the day that I debuted my Appa (Avatar: The Last Airbender) hat!! So, I had to wear a hairstyle that was befitting! This is my Katara-inspired hair loopies and bun.

Now, who to take with me?!?! Yeah, no way Appa was going! Plus, I was
already repping him and Katara. Ultimately, Momo made the cut ;)!

We took the train into the city each day. Surprisingly, no one seemed to notice the hat much. 
But, who could blame them when Hans Solo, Batman and Naruto were in the vicinity too ;)! *lol* The hat was a hit at the Con! Got asked where I got it several times and also got a few requests to take my picture ;). Of course I obliged!

The first stop of the day for me was a Buffy: 10 Year Anniversary panel.
And, look who was in line with me!! Illyria!!

The panel was actually the writers and editors of the Buffy and Angel comic book series.
But look who showed up! It’s Xander!! Oh, yeah, sorry. Nicholas Brendon. He was very Xander-like though!!

That evening, we attended a Hip-Hop and Comics panel with Pete Rock, DMC and MC Jean Grae, among others! 

Pete Rock rocking a really cool Hulk tee!

We hit the convention floor again as my plans had run afoul! There was aFirefly 10th Anniversary Special Event that I had every plan of attending. Got to the IGN theatre 2 1/2 hours before the panel to wait in line. The 5000 seat theatre was already full and I was quickly told that I wasn’t getting in, but I could go look at the line if I wanted. Walked to the holding area and there probably was another 10ooo people sitting on the hard concrete floor waiting. Booooo! And, just like I knew would happen, Nathan Fillion made a surprise guest appearance. BOOOOOO (that’s an ever louder boo than before). I’m still very bitter.

Of course I had to go hang with the Sci-5 in Artists’ Alley!!

I love this pic! My girls Jackie and Megan!! The women of the Sci-5!!

Day 3: Sunday, October 14th

Got a little camera time with Thor. He’s big, but not as big as I would expect a god to be. *lol*

Calvin and Hobbes!!! Awwww, Bill Watterson, come back to us please!!

Mr. Freeze!! So cool to meet you!!
Get it?

Best. Costumes. Ever. Only a few people will get why.

Boba Chicken!!

Speechless. Okay, not really. Mera was, like, 7 feet tall and all diva!! Aquaman likes ’em burly, I guess! *lol*

Special Feature: Naturals at the Con!!
Last year, I was too shy to ask to take pics. But, this year, I got a little bolder! There were sooo many beautiful naturals at the event, working and attending! I had to stop myself from chasing down a couple of ladies!! LOL!  

The young lady in the infinity scarf made it herself! I have to check out her Etsy shop, Purl Affair ( Oh, and if you know who the last young lady is, you get bonus points ;).)

And That’s a Wrap Folks!!

By Sunday afternoon, around 2-3 pm, I was DONE! I went to the food court to read Ender’s Game, which I picked up for free at one of the convention tables (Kas scopes out all the free book tables and this was a brilliant recommendation! I loved it!), and immediately passed out! That’s how Kas and his friend found me! So we paid one last visit to the Sci-5 and hit the road home! It was a great time, saw some things, missed some things (still bitter), got some free stuff, took some pics, got asked to be in some pics, nursed my aching feet (even flat boots couldn’t stop the dogs from barking after walking and standing for hours on end for three days) and will be ready to do it all over again next year!!

And with that, here are a bunch of other pics! It’s almost 1 am now, I still have indigo in my hair and still need to rinse and DC. You know I’ll be sleeping in conditioner! Hope that you enjoy this ridiculous number of pics!!

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Which pics would you caption and how ;)?


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  1. That was AWESOME!!! I can’t decide on which picture I like best. I love your “Katara Hair”, did anyone notice the style? I also LOVE the male Toph, lol! Too cute! The Aliens scene was awesome too. It looks like you had a ball, shucks I had a ball just looking at your pictures! Okay..I think I’m done geeking out, lol!


  2. Hey that’s me as Mr.Freeze! Thanks for the post! I’m going to post this on my facebook ( and deviantart ( Thanks! Is it ironic I have no hair on your hair blog?


    • LOL!! You may have noticed that a couple of my best friends who are featured in this post are also follicularly challenged. I don’t discriminate! LOL!! Too cool that you found this:). Thanks for commenting!


  3. I would love to meet Seth Green…I’m a HUGE Robot Chicken fan! I’ve never missed an episode and their Star Wars specials are the best!!


    • The first Star Wars Robot Chicken literally had me crying. I didn’t think the second one was as good, but it was still funny. Never saw the third one. I actually never see RC b/c it’s on so late!! I really need to set the DVR for it!! And yeah, LOVE Seth Green! Loved him even more after seeing him in person! Sooooo nice!!


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