#Frotober Days 19-22


Day 19: SmilesUnbeknownst to me, this photo shoot was for my #engagement pics;).
Pretty sneaky Weusi . But yeah, he keeps me smiling:). ❤

Day 20: Hair Crush … esToo many to name or pick one!! However, these are my first hair crushes when I discovered this online natural world in 2010.

1: #CurlyNikki. This is the pic that started it all for me!!! I scoured her site and read everything I could about henna, TnCs and her regimen. If it wasn’t for this pic and my goal to get this look, hairscapades.com might have never been “born.”
2. Chime Edwards. Saw her Hairstory on CurlyNikki and drooled over the thickness and length of her locks. Rediscovered her later on YouTube and it was a while before I realized that it was the same person! Lol!
3. Longhairdontcare2011. Again with the thickness and length.
4: Whitney aka Naptural85. Beautiful woman, beautiful hair, beautiful spirit, beautiful personality!


Day 21: Hats

I LOVE hats!!! Funky, pretty, silly, floppy, sporty! It’s all good!!!

Day 22: Brown
Accessorized with a little #batman!! (You can never go wrong with Batman ;))


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