A Meet-Up in His Eyes


by Weusi

It is day 2 of this #30writenow … I’m writing for 30 minutes for the month of October.

Since I’m writing, I figured that I need to write a blog for Shelli and hairscapades.com.

But what would I write about … hmmm … I know …

Do you remember that Curly Nikki Meet-up a few months ago that Shelli and I attended in NYC?
You know, the one where Tracee Ellis Ross swung in for a heartbeat, smiled and took a few pictures, then rolled out?

Well, let me tell you about the experience from one of the 7 dudes I saw there that were not working the event. Oh yeah, there were a few other dudes there! There was “The Big Dude.” He was obviously there with his S.O. How do I kniow? I saw him holding her purse while she went to the rest room. Then there was “The Dude with the Perm.” He was a little too excited to see Tracee Ellis Ross for my taste and kept pointing at people’s hair. I think he was a hairdresser. Then there was “The Skinny Dude” and “The Other Dude.” I don’t know who either of them was there with. In my mind … I imagine that they were homies who came to the event together and that they were single dudes there to meet some of the beautiful, natural haired sisters. Right!?!

*Note: If you know single dudes … take them to go to natural hair meet-ups. At least flash a smile at a few sisters on “the let out” for some “parking lot pimpin’.”

Then there was Gene. He’s Nikki’s husband. I’m sure that he was chillin’ in the cut holding the bag which held Nikki’s hair sheen. (She was in front of a bunch of hot lights taking pictures, so I know there was something near!). I only saw him for a second as he was taking pictures … so he was kinda working! (Shame on you Nikki! Let that man chill!)

And then there was my man Ramon! He was there with his wife Candice (www.chicsavant.com). They are new to NYC and they chilled w/Shelli and me while we waited in line and then … he and I chilled and experienced our first “natural hair meet-up!” What it was like to be the dudes at the natural hair meet-up? It was kinda fun. We talked about life and work and music and … stuff. We looked around for power outlets so that we could plug in my phone. We went to the bar for drinks and water. And, most importantly … we figured out what these gatherings were about. They are like church for natural hair enthusiast.

*in my preacher voice and rhyme*

This is where sisters can come together … without judgement … to celebrate each other. To communicate with each other, their love … and appreciation … for each other ‘s … hair. Here, allowing someone to take a picture of your hair is like sharing testimony! Taking a picture of someone’s hair is like sprinkling holy water. To many, it may look like standing around and ogling others’ hair, but this is not what’s happening. This is a natural hair care meet-up. This is church! Where you come to get the gospel from the natural hair care preachers/bloggers and from here you carry the gospel to your friends as evangelist have for years. YES! This is church! Where, at any time, someone can break out and testify about how, at one time in their life, they were product junkies, but now they are reformed and focused on the wonders and wisdom from the book of coconut oil! Can I get an amen!?!

And, as we celebrate, let us pray for those souls that have yet to see the light! Those that dwell in the house of chemicals. In those prayers for others, let us remember ourselves. Let us pray for humility. We ask this so that were are not judgmental of those that are still hooked on the creamy crack of perming. For we know it is not their fault. Nor are their parents or grandparents to blame. In fact, we will not focus on the blame! Let us put positive healing energy on the joyous healing of their hair. In fact, let us pray for the good physical and spiritual health of all of our manes!

Ok … let’s toss in a prayer for that onyx unicorn … that forever morphing organic product that addresses the issues for not only … our forever evolving, multiple hair textures … but also … our lifestyles. And the church said … “

Yeah … it was kinda like that for some people there … at least, in my mind, it was.

It was also cool to see Shelli the rock star! I know she didn’t have a receiving line like Nikki, but at least 5 strangers walked up to me and asked where she was. Then those moments when people asked to take pictures with her and/or of her hair. CLASSIC! And my FAVORITE part … face first seeming a little confused and then transitioning into her smiling like the Cheshire cat! Yep … she’s a humble hair rock star! (I LOVE HER!)

And with that … I hit you with happy hair day BOOMSHAKALAKA!!!



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  1. Love it! Hilarious! I love the analogy to church! But it’s so true. We ladies come to testify and share our hair experiences and hear the “Holy Gospel” from the ladies that know better. I love the prayer for the ladies who are still relaxed. Well done! I wanted to go to this meetup but too many people were going to be there b/c it was CurlyNikki. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it.


  2. Thanks again for the male prospective Weusi! I plan on sharing this with my S.O. He isn’t of the same ethnicity as me so I try to share articles with him that he can relate to so he can better understand my hair:) thanks again & plz let Shelli know that I would have been that 6th person asking you where she was so I could get a pic!


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