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Jaded Tresses Flash Sale via GiltCity – ENDED


Have you been DYING to see what all the hype is about and want to get your hair cut or colored by the a-MAH-zing Tameeka McNeil-Johnson aka Jaded Tresses aka #TheCurlWhisperer?!?! Well, you are about to get a chance at the deal of a lifetime!! Christos Fifth Avenue is offering salon services at drastically reduced rates via GiltCity.com!! All new clients who purchase a service through this offer will receive up to 60% off of the regular prices!! And this is the truly awesome thing. These sales are usually reserved for services provided by Senior Stylist. Well Tameeka is a Master Stylist. But, she loves us sooooo much that she negotiated a Hairscapades Exclusive!! Now you can book services with her at the same slashed prices!!! Just make certain that you request her and indicate that you were referred by Hairscapades when you book your appointment.*

So, how do you get your very own Jaded Tresses Experience??

Go to http://www.giltcity.com/newyork/christofifthnycoct and buy your service today!!! Then, book an appointment and don’t forget to tell them Hairscapades sent you!! LOL! But no … seriously. *lol*

The chance at these amazing savings end Monday, October 22nd at approximately 9 am!! So don’t delay!! 

*All deals must be redeemed by Tuesday, January 15, 2013.

Oh, and if you’re asking, “Who’s Jaded Tresses?” First, where have you been?! *lol* Second, check out the following posts to “see how she do” ;):

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See what I’m saying?!?!


#Frotober Day 18: Least Favorite Product


Yeah, there’s no love lost between me and Miss Jessie’s. Well … actually, yeah, there is. I went hard with MJ for a few months many years ago. Thought that I loved it. Then, I realized that my hair only ever felt good and moisturized when the product was in…freshly applied and re-applied daily. When I washed my hair, it felt horrible. Dry. Straw-like. Dull. It was then I knew, it was ruining the health of my hair!! I immediately ceased and desisted. And my pocketbook thanked me!!! Any product that only makes your hair feel good when it’s in is a loser in my book! And, to me, it seemed like a brilliant racket. If you have to use a product daily, you go through it quickly and have to constantly restock!! At $40+ for most of these products in normal size containers … Yeah, not gonna happen. *lol*


What’s your least favorite product and why?

#Frotober Days 12-17


Okay, yeah, I know. I’ve been MIA for several days. I’ve also been delinquent!!! I owe you guys an NYCC post (sooo many pics!!), some guest posts, hairstories and, most of all, GOC Final Updates!!! I even shot video of that satin-braid out take down!! I’ll get it back together soon, but I’ve just been soooo burned out from work and 6 weeks of busy weekends, including Comic Con and a work convention this past Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. My mind is mush in the evening and it’s all I can do to wake up in time to get coffee, showered and dressed for work in the morning!

Anywho, I have been “flash” posting on Instagram every day as part of the#Frotober Photo Challenge. And, by virtue of that, I’ve also been posting on Facebook and Twitter. So, this one is for you guys who aren’t on those outlets or don’t subscribe and are interested in my “goings on;).” Now, remember, I posted these on IG on the actual days, so the captions were concurrent.


Day 12: OOTD (Friday, 10/12)

#OOTD for #NYCC2012!! Comfort and warmth were paramount! Got some new “combat” boots this week for the occasion!! Kinda diggin ’em! Saw Adam West, Burt Ward and Seth Green at panels today! They were all so awesome and so nice and appreciative of the fans! Can’t wait for the #Firefly panel tomorrow!! Hoping Joss and Nathan will make surprise guest appearances!!

10/18 Update: Yeah. I didn’t get into the Firefly panel. Got to the room at 3:45 to get in line for the 5:15 Walking Dead panel that preceded the 6:15 Firefly panel. The 5000 seat theatre was a full house and there were probably another 10000 sitting outside of the room in the holding area hoping to get into it. They told us that we weren’t getting in. And, guess what? Nathan Fillion made a surprise guest appearance. Can you read the bitterness in my words??

Day 13: Homemade (Treatments) (Saturday, 10/13)



Honey hair lightener? Tried it overnight on shed hair. Didn’t see a difference.
Maybe a 2nd or 3rd time is the charm?

Day 14: DVAM /Purple (Sunday, 10/14)

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Day 15: Red/Orange (Monday, 10/15)

#bazinga #TBBT #Sheldonrules

Day 16: My Town (Tuesday, 10/16)

Meh. This one is boring.

Day 17: Favorite Style (Wednesday, 10/17)

Ummm, yeah, that is ever-changing!! Lately, it’s been the #braidout, a #bigbun never fails me and I rocked the #TnC for close to 2 years. A couple of months from now, who knows? What I really FAVor is versatility!!  http://instagr.am/p/Q5nzrFM1Vq/

And that brings us to today, which I haven’t posted yet. I don’t even know the topic and it’s time to hit the shower!! So, I’ll have to share that one later!! In the interim, have a question for you guys!

What topics would you like me to cover? Any questions that you want me to try to answer? I’ve kind of been running dry lately! So suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)!!

Alright ladies, have a Terrific Thursday!