#Frotober Day 11: Afro


Ummmm … Yeah. This is all I got. LOL! I don’t have gravity-defying, superhero hair.
But I can rock a MEAN Diana Ross do !

So yeah, I know. You’ve seen these pics before. That’s why I’m gonna add a lil’ something extra.


(The top three hats are from Marshalls and the last is from Target.)

LOL! Yeah, I went buckwild and bought four hats in the last week …  three I got yesterday alone!! They aren’t lined in silk or satin, but they all have “satin-like” polyester linings. So, you know, that’ll work! I’ve been needing a solid black and brown hat to coordinate with my coats/outfits. My black/blue/red plaid hat is great, but I always have to dress around it when need to camouflage a hair treatment and scalpy twists or braids. So now, I have options!! The best part is, they are roomy enough to fit my baggied up twists when I have a pre-poo or DC in progress!!


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