Cream & Coco Product Review: Curls for Days Hair Pudding


So, remember my “Flash Post” from a couple of weeks ago? I told you guys that I got gifted a few goodies from Cream & Coco and couldn’t wait to try the Curls for Days Hair Pudding. Well, this past Sunday, I took the pudding for a test drive!


Curls For Days Hair Pudding ($15 for 16 oz.)
Soothing botanicals and avocado oils nourish curls giving definition, body, hold, and shine. This pudding is thick & rich, perfect for stretching out curls that want to shrink up and rolls with naturally wavy hair patterns. It gives fabulous hold without making hair hard or crunchy. Defines almost every curly hair type with beautiful results.

Directions: Scoop a small amount of pudding and work through soaking wet hair, evenly distributing. Use a paddle brush or comb through and scrunch to define your, well, curls for days!

Ingredients: pure water, avocado oil, cetearyl alcohol, coconut oil, shea butter, glycerin, aloe vera juice, beeswax, xanthan gum, fragrance, panthenol, hydrolyzed oat protein, horsetail extract, slippery elm, optiphen (natural preservative)

Now, when Victoria, the owner/creator behind Cream & Coco, contacted me about sending some products, I was all set to decline. You see, I was feeling like I had more stuff than I could try for the rest of the year! But, after reading the information on the Curls for Days Hair Pudding, the PJ in me could not be denied!! The promise of defined curls with fabulous hold, sans hardness or crunch, had me super intrigued!!

So, this past Sunday on wash day, I put the claim to the test.

Wash Day Rundown:

  • Pre-pooed dry hair with Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner mixed with Vatika Oil. Lightly oiled scalp with Wild Growth Hair Oil (WGHO) Original formula (approx. 1 hr).
  • Shampooed with diluted DevaCare No Poo.
  • Detangled with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration.
  • Deep conditioned with Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Conditioner.
  • Cooled and sealed DC with Aubrey Green Tea Cream Rinse.
  • “Plopped” hair for a few minutes in a Curl Cloth until damp.
  • Applied modified Kimmaytube leave-in (1 tbsp Kinky Curly Knot Today; 1 tbsp Aloe Vera Juice – whole leaf).
  • Made 7 braids by applying a fingertip full amount of Cream & Coco Curls for Days Hair Pudding to each section before braiding.
  • Applied a small amount of EcoStyler Olive Oil gel to roots and braids to lay down “halo” and provide additional level of hold.
  • Before going to bed, applied a tiny amount of WGHO Light to ends and tied hair down with a hair net to allow for air flow to aid drying.

On Monday morning, my braids weren’t dry … surprise, surprise ;). So, I sat under my hooded dryer for about 40-50 minutes. As my braids still felt as if they were not fully dry, I pinned them up into some type of pseudo bun for the day. I added a little more Eco gel to my roots and tied the edges down with a satin scarf for the drive to work.

It might not be glamorous, but it was functional ;).

I left the braids in until yesterday morning, when I released them after smoothing a small amount of Wonder Curl Polishing Pomade down length.

I need to do a better job of fluffing out that center part next time! LOL!!

Initial Thoughts
As you can see, my braid-out is nicely defined and shiny. There was a little precipitation on Tuesday and some light sprinkles throughout the day. But, my hair barely frizzed at all and all of the above braid-out pics were taken at the end of the day after work!!! So, what did I think of the Cream and Coco Curls for Days Hair Pudding overall? Here goes.

Ingredients: Looking good Mr. Cah-tah!!! LOL! So yeah, I think the ingredients are great. I recognize and can pronounce all of them easily and none is longer than three syllables. That’s usually a good sign;). Also, the product is free of petrolatum, mineral oil, parabens and sulfates.

Packaging: The packaging was also good. The 16 oz. Pudding comes in a plastic amber lidded container with a glossy and well-secured label. The product name, claim, ingredients and directions all appear on the one label. That being said, the print is very small and this includes the brand name. So, the far-sighted might need to check this post or the site or break out the reading glasses to read it all ;).

Pricing: At $15 for 16 ounces, the cost of this product is mid-range. It’s slightly more expensive than, say, Shea Moisture products, which run around $10 for 12 ounces. However, the price is pretty comparable to a line like Qhemet Biologic.

Scent: Okay, now this is where the Hair Pudding gets bonus points!!! OMGosh!!! I love, love, LOVE the smell of this stuff ♥♥♥!! To me, it smells like Pixie Sticks!!! You know, those sugar-filled straws?! Wei said, “Lik-a-Stix!” LOL!! Now, if you don’t like sweet or candy smells, this may be too much for you upon sniffing the contents of the jar. But, the scent does fade to a very light scent once dry and by Tuesday night, it had dissipated entirely.

Consistency and Application: Though the claim on the pudding is that it is rich and thick, I felt that it had a light, airy, but creamy consistency. It had a whipped appearance and feel to it. It applied smoothly and was very easy to distribute. I only needed to use a little bit for each section. And, once applied, it disappeared into my hair, leaving no white chunks, flakes or residue when layered over my modified Kimmaytube leave-in.

Appearance (Hold & Definition) and Feel: So far, so good! As it’s only been a day, I can’t provide a full review on long-term hold and definition. However, I can say that day one went well, especially given the weather! My braid-out was defined, firm and remained almost frizz-free throughout the day. In regard to the feel of my hair, LOVE it! My hair feels soft, light and product-less! It feels moisturized without feeling producty, greasy or sticky and has a nice sheen without being shiny. When I used the Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter and then the Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade on dry braid-outs last week, my hair was moisturized and shiny, but left residue on my hands when I touched it. This also meant that I had a lot of lint and dust stuck to my hair, which gunk up my strands and contribute to SSKs and difficult detangling sessions. #Notcool. But, with the pudding, I got a soft, moisturized, defined, sheeny set without hard, crunchy, tacky, flaky, greasy or crunchy hair. Nice!

So, will I use the Cream & Coco Curls for Days Hair Pudding again? Absolutely! Based upon my initial results, I will definitely be using it again! I think the moisture, hold, shine and definition were great and I love the smell and the ingredients! Also, as I only needed a small amount of product, I can imagine that this 16 oz. container could last for several months. So, the cost is reasonable. And, of course, love to support small black businesswomen doing their thing ;)!!


What properties do you look for in a curl pudding, cream and/or butter? Which one(s) have you found to deliver?


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  1. I love curl puddings, and I never use gel anymore. With curl puddings, I look for a soft to medium hold, moisturizing and sealing elements and no flaking or crunchiness. Currently, my favorite curl pudding is Califia Styling Pudding from Komaza Care. Their Coconut Curl Pudding is a close second. Komaza Care is the only company I’ve found whose curl puddings I like. I am terrified of a formula change!


    • Awwww, thanks Maxine!!! It was a good braid out! I really think I’m digging this product. I wore the braid out for three days and only lightly sealed with WGHO one day and would smooth with a little WC PP in the mornings. Now, I’m trying something to stretch it into a looser braid out. I dampened my hair with Aubrey HSR conditioner diluted in water and applied a little more of the C&C Pudding. Hopefully I’ll have time to post pics in the morning before I head to NY Comic Con!! Wooh-hooh!! 😉


  2. Shelli, @ this point, I am not so sure I can hitch to your wagon. I am more than convinced that your hair would look good no matter the product! With that said, I must admit that your braid out looks fierce in all the pictures despite the weather. It is defined but extremely fluffy, voluminous. And, I know how you *heart* big hair. This product looks like a keeper.


    • Two things Rhonda, I do tend to be able to use a lot of styling products and get good results on take down. Creams and Puddings work well to set the style. But, my problem is feel and lasting power. I have to say, so far, this C&C is right up there with WC BTL for me! You know that’s a staple, so that’s saying a lot. A lot of the other styling products I find either leave my hair feeling dry (at least to me), where I feel like I need to re-apply product daily and then, it still never feels quite right, or tacky/producty and frizz-prone. I got a little frizz, but my hair held up well. I think another important part is my leave-in too. I get really good results with the kimmaytube leave-in (small amount of oil or no oil) and Aubreys as my pre-styler leave-in.


  3. I love all things Cream and Coco(skin and hair care)! I am so cosigning on everything you said and add that me and my daughters hair has been growing like crazy! Since we decided to go natrual we have been trying everything that we ran across, but all ways go back to the C&C.


    • Tonia, I’m really digging this!! I’ve been using the activated charcoal soap on my face too. But, this review was so long, didn’t include it. I normally wouldn’t have used the soap on my face, but learned last month that my prescription facial cleanser is no longer available!! I was devastated!! I’ve been using that stuff for close to 10 years and it helps keep my face blemish free. I strayed from it a couple of years ago to try the Oil Cleansing Method with disastrous results. So, I’m freakin’ that it’s no longer available. But, the C&C soap has been working pretty well so far, though I seem to be getting some small pimples that aren’t too problematic.


  4. As I read product reviews from different bloggers and vloggers, I realize I need to really see how a product works for me. I’ve tried a couple of products for wash n gos and gave those away b/c they didn’t work well for my hair type. But for twist/braid outs, I need to re-assess what I use for better hold, especially when I work out (who wants to re-set their twists mid-week?!). Thank you for this post and product comparison.


    • You’re welcome Alaina! Yes, it definitely is about finding what works for you and sometimes figuring out why it works. That helps you watch/read reviews with a more discerning eye/ear, because you can eliminate things that you know won’t work, while still being entertained and picking up other tips/techniques. I actually believe that a lot of it is about technique and having a few good products. I think with some core stuff, what works and knowing what to avoid, you can get a lot of things to work for you. Thank you!!


  5. JUNKY JUNKY JUNKY YOU ARE!. LOL Im partical to Wonder Curl Jelly but Im willing to try anything. Your hair look fab as usuall. I need a regimine for Maleah I feel like Im slipping on her hair maintenance . Sigh….


    • Through and through Tiffany, through and through!! LOL!! I try, seriously I try!! But, I get to looking and reading and can’t help myself!! And what do you mean you’re slipping?? MiMi’s hair looks beautiful!!

      And thanks too hun!!


  6. Your hair looks so lush! Now I have another product to add to my ever growing list! I just got my sample pack of Wonder Curl in the mail this week so I am going to play around with that this weekend. Btw, Shelli did you not add any oils to your modified Kimmaytube leave-in?


    • Awwww, thanks Tracy!! Definitely let me know how the WC works for you!! My fave thing is the BTL Pudding. As to the leave-in, yup, no oils. If I’m using the leave-in as my styler, I’ll add a little oil. But, since I was using the Pudding, I opted to just mix the conditioner and AVJ as the pudding has oils and I’d be using a little additional oil to seal my ends. If I added oil, my hair probably would have been limper and then, again, that problem with being oily to touch and attracting lint would rear its ugly head. The KT sans oil mix works well b/c it’s still pH balanced. I also only used 1 tbsp each of KCKT and AVJ instead of 2 … less product also helps keep my hair voluminous.


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