Daily Archives: October 8, 2012

#Frotober Day 08: Journey/Discovery


The top three pics are of my relaxed hair at 13/14 y/o (got my 1st relaxer at 13), at 20/21 in my college grad pic, and at 21/22 as a senior in college after I chopped it and went red. Bottom pic is shortly after my #BC at 28 and last is about two years later at 29.

1st pic was at 29 (about a year after my #BC), 2nd was at about 33/34 (after a Ouidad cut), 3rd was at about 35/36 (about 2 years after I #BC’d again to ear length straight, b/c I was bored with my hair). Bottom left was early 2010 (during the naturallycurly.com GOC after mastering the TnC) & last pic was Feb this year (2012) when my hair was the longest it had ever been. One more to go!!

Last one. Promise :D! These pics are all from 2012 after my awesome layered cut by Tameeka aka @jadedtresses !! I’ve been natural for 12, going on 13, years and have never looked back. Natural/curly hair has always been me and fits my personality and lifestyle. Love it in all its diversity!!