Steel Magnolias: Re-Boot Commencing in 5, 4, 3 …


Who’s watching Steel Magnolias tonight? I’ve never seen the original, but I’ve heard a lot about it over the many years since it debuted in 1989. I’ve also seen bits and pieces of it on TV and I know a little bit about the story. However, I’ve never watched the original from beginning to end. I’ll probably watch this reboot tonight though, just so that I can participate in the social media convos!! LOL!! Oh, and, Adepero is my sister’s college friend … so, you know, gotta support ;)!!
Well, hope some of you will be tuning in with me tonight! Steel Magnolias airs at 9 pm EST on Lifetime!!

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  1. So, what’s the verdict ladies?? I never saw the original, but I suspect that there was more character development (due to movie vs. tv movie format) … I also knew what was going to happen. All that being said, I felt it was a little lackluster, but still was crying and blowing my nose when Shelby died!! And, I cracked up when Phyllicia Rashad’s character told Queen to “Slap her, slap her!!!!” “We can make tee-shirts!” LMBO!!! So, although I was kind of “meh” through most of it and I knew what was going to happen … they still got me!!! LOL!!

    And, can we talk about them sitting in that hair salon, moving hair left to right, but no hair actually ever getting done? That was driving me crazy. Wei said, “Another Beauty Shop?!?! How many Beauty Shop movies is Latifah” going to make?” LOL!


  2. OMG THISS MOVIE!!! It was so good. I never saw the original but now I want to! I cried like a baby when Shelby died… I cracked up too when she told Queen to slap Alfree ha haha. DID YOU SEE ALL THE NATURAL HAIR PRODUCTS!! lol i got a kick out of seen Shea Moisture containers lined in a row 🙂


  3. Saw the original movie and last night’s version of Steel Magnolias. The original had a little more character development, but I wasn’t a fan of either versions. Last night’s show was underwhelming. I wish they had explored the Arnelle character a little more. I was exasperated with Jill’s character just playing in everybody’s hair (lol)! Condola looks exactly like her dad. I would love to hear Phylicia and Condola discuss the mother-daughter dynamic while filming a movie together. I co sign with Weusi re: Latifa. Lol!


  4. The original SM’s was a CLASSIC! My friends and I all know the words and every now and then someone will belt out a ‘Don’t talk about me like I’m not heeerrreee’ – lol! This is the ultimate chic flick. Overall it’s about love and friendship, true sisterhood. Can’t say enough good things. Anyway, the reboot was great too. I did appreciate how they added some modern/cultural twists like the Wobble at the wedding. LOL! Great movie!!!

    I can’t belive you haven’t seen it!


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