MahoganyCurls’ Ombré Hair


(source: MahonanyCurls FB Page)

Just watched MahoganyCurls’ TnC Tutorial and had to share! Although it was really cool to see Jess, the YouTuber known for her perfect WnGs, do a TnC (which, is also perfect btw), I’m not really sharing it for that reason per se. I had to post it because I absolutely LOVE her new ombré ends!! How gorgeous are they?!?! The thing is, I’m too scared to lighten my ends, which are the oldest part of my hair and have seen the most “abuse!” Breakage City! Fortunately for me, grey hair and henna allow me to get some fun color without lightening/”bleaching” my hair!! LOL!

But, still … so cool!

via MahoganyCurls


Jess didn’t do a tutorial for her ombré ends, but she talks about her process briefly here, if you’re interested.

Here are some more takes on the ombré curly hair look:

The change in color on Teyana Taylor here is too drastic for my taste,
but is another take on the look.

Now this one I love because the blonde has been toned down to an auburn color and
the purple tips are hot! Wouldn’t work in my “real” life though! LOL!

(Source unknown)

Rihanna’s take … yeah, I know it’s not her real hair. But there’s an idea!!
Fake ombré would preserve one’s own hair!

I’m TOTALLY digging this auburn to blonde look! 
Never happen, but I can admire from afar! LOL!

Ombré Faux/Fro-Hawk

Tika Sumpter also rocking ombré curly hair extensions. 

Everything that goes around, comes around.
Remember when Kelis rocked ombré ends many years ago?


So, what do you think of the ombré hair trend? Would you rock it? For reals or would you fake the funk ;)?



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  1. Love it. I’ll end up with Ombre when I stop dying my hair. My whole head is similar to MahoganyCurls’ Ombre color right now. I just make sure my hair remains moisturized and I pretty much follow her WnG technique which is very similar to the Tightly Curly Method.


    • Me too Tiffany!!!! But, why was I sitting here thinking … I wonder if I used a little lightening on my ends, would the henna show through to give me reddish ends like my streak?


      • Yes it will!!! Well at least in my case. After about a year of hennaing (I started on my TWA) i decided to get highlights in June to switch things up. After the stylist applied the bleach mixture she noticed/commented that it was taking a bit more time than shes used to for it to “take”. After a hot minute that included a few minutes under a bonnet dryer to accelerate the process my hair was left with red/auburn ends. When she asked what about what I applied earlier I told her i henna-ed regularly and that is why the “lifted” hair is red an not brown (which is what I was actually going for). I can not tell you how many times I’ve been asked about my colored ends only to leave the asker confused and disappointed.


  2. This is creepy – I was JUST about to e-mail you about how her twist and curl looks similar to hers and oh, I love her hair colour too.

    I definitely will do ombre when my hair gets to the length I want – it’ll be my final treat to myself. I don’t want blonde or brown though – purple all the way!
    And then a more sensible pinky red afterwards 🙂


    • That’s so funny Tama!! I thought that her TnC looked like mine too, but with totally different products and rollers! I went back to look at my TnC (it’s been so long since I’ve done one), just to corroborate!! LOL!! And, are you serious?!?! You’re going to do purple?!? You know that’ll take some serious lift and will probably kill your ends, right? I’m just saying’!! LOL!! But, totally cute!! LOL!


  3. I thought I noticed color on her hair! Its pretty. I’d do it but not right now since I’m trying to get my hair to a certain point. Once it’s there I may do something but honestly it won’t be drastic. I’ve done drastic before with disastrous results. My hair can’t take too much color lifting.


    • Mine either Michelle. That’s why I think I’ll have to be content with henna red grey. But, let me tell you … I’m sitting here thinking …. “It’s not lifted that much … maybe I can do it?!?” I’ll have to show it to Tameeka and ask her what she thinks;).


  4. i just watched her tutorial just about 45 minutes ago and i just finished doing her wash n’ go technique about five minutes ago. I wish i could do this on my hair. I’ve been wanting to put highlights in my hair for a while but my mom said to wait until i’m 16– i guess i’ll have to wait until after i graduate


    • Danielle, if you’re not 16 yet, I think your mom is right. Color can really do a number on your hair, especially your ends. And, if you’re not diligent about your hair care (i.e. moisturizing, deep conditioning and protecting your ends as much as possible), you might find those pieces of colored hair broken off in the palm of your hands!! They don’t look so pretty that way;)! Hope that you WnG turned out well!!


  5. this trend of ombre hair is so awesome.. i did it myself about a month ago. Right now my ends are purple, but when that fades i will probably change it to blue. I love the pop of color; it makes me feel so fly.


  6. Love Jess’s hair. The blue/purple on Teyana’s hair is fire! Shout out to Kelis the hair trailblazer. That girl is still trying crazy looks but I admire her guts and originality. My hair experimental days are over – “Mother has lived” (lol).


  7. You should definitely try highlights Shelli. Get it one by a professional and you will not be is disappointed. I highlighted my hair for the first time in my life and it gave me a beautiful glow! I have not retouched it do it looks like the ombré effect. Just keep your hair moisturized and continue to seal your ends as usual. You already have great tools and habits. Go for it!


  8. I remember Alliyah having ombre hair back in 1998/98 (“If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again” video). Luvs her!


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