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Steel Magnolias: Re-Boot Commencing in 5, 4, 3 …


Who’s watching Steel Magnolias tonight? I’ve never seen the original, but I’ve heard a lot about it over the many years since it debuted in 1989. I’ve also seen bits and pieces of it on TV and I know a little bit about the story. However, I’ve never watched the original from beginning to end. I’ll probably watch this reboot tonight though, just so that I can participate in the social media convos!! LOL!! Oh, and, Adepero is my sister’s college friend … so, you know, gotta support ;)!!
Well, hope some of you will be tuning in with me tonight! Steel Magnolias airs at 9 pm EST on Lifetime!!

MahoganyCurls’ Ombré Hair


(source: MahonanyCurls FB Page)

Just watched MahoganyCurls’ TnC Tutorial and had to share! Although it was really cool to see Jess, the YouTuber known for her perfect WnGs, do a TnC (which, is also perfect btw), I’m not really sharing it for that reason per se. I had to post it because I absolutely LOVE her new ombré ends!! How gorgeous are they?!?! The thing is, I’m too scared to lighten my ends, which are the oldest part of my hair and have seen the most “abuse!” Breakage City! Fortunately for me, grey hair and henna allow me to get some fun color without lightening/”bleaching” my hair!! LOL!

But, still … so cool!

via MahoganyCurls


Jess didn’t do a tutorial for her ombré ends, but she talks about her process briefly here, if you’re interested.

Here are some more takes on the ombré curly hair look:

The change in color on Teyana Taylor here is too drastic for my taste,
but is another take on the look.

Now this one I love because the blonde has been toned down to an auburn color and
the purple tips are hot! Wouldn’t work in my “real” life though! LOL!

(Source unknown)

Rihanna’s take … yeah, I know it’s not her real hair. But there’s an idea!!
Fake ombré would preserve one’s own hair!

I’m TOTALLY digging this auburn to blonde look! 
Never happen, but I can admire from afar! LOL!

Ombré Faux/Fro-Hawk

Tika Sumpter also rocking ombré curly hair extensions. 

Everything that goes around, comes around.
Remember when Kelis rocked ombré ends many years ago?


So, what do you think of the ombré hair trend? Would you rock it? For reals or would you fake the funk ;)?