#Frotober Day 04: TBT – My Baby Hair


TBT (Throw Back Thursdays):
#mybabyhair freals!
Fun fact: I was a bit of a crybaby!! My middle sister and cousins sang a crying song about me.
The only word in it was “Waaaaaa.”


Erica’s comment below made me want to share some more of my childhood pics!

I don’t know why I was crying, I always cried! LOL!! This pic makes me laugh because you can tell I was still recovering from tears and my sister looks like she is oblivious to my issues. LOL!!

Yeah, you know it!!!! The floating head pic!! And my mom made all of our matching outfits … probably out of a tablecloth, some curtains and a brown paper bag pattern that she made herself!! My mom was gangsta with a needle and thread!!

I’m in the red and white shirt and my mom (I think?) is trying to make me hold my new baby (middle) sister. I don’t look like I’m too comfortable with the idea, do I? And those are my older cousins who are like my bros! We rolled hard!!

And last, but not least … one of my all-time FAVE childhood pics!! C’mon!!! A holster, boots, knee socks AND a diaper?!?!
“Badges?! We don’ need no stinkin’ badges!”

I LOVE these old pics … it always feels like, “That was me?!?! I don’t remember being that little!” But I recognize myself easily. It’s just funny and warms my heart.


Don’t you just love childhood pics?!? I know you do ;)! So, here’s a shameless plug for some Now and Then and/or Mini-Hairscapader stories/pics!! Check out the link sfor more details and submit your or your child’s mini-hairstory today! When I have 3 or more Now and Then stories, I’ll share them! ♥


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  1. Oh Shelli. You were obviously very upset. What’s the back story behind the sad face? Who is the meanie that still took your picture (lol)? My father was notorious for taking “family” photos no matter how hungry, tired, mad, disinterested we were ( lol).


    • Girl, you know that was the Sears Studio photographer;)!!! LOL!! I don’t even remember my parents owning a camera!! Like, maybe there was an at-the-end-of-its-shelf-life hand-me-down Polaroid … But, it wasn’t long for this world! Lol!! But we got out pics in at the photo studio at least once or twice a year, it seemed;).


      • Love it! Girl you are GANGSTA in your diaper with the holster! Who knew you were a baby superhero? You seem to have an itchy finger too – your little hand is mighty close to that pistol (lmao). Priceless photos. Thanks for sharing.


  2. The pictures are cute. You make me remember that I was such a crybaby as well and I didn’t know why. I cried everyday in school. I remember being in 4th grade and my teacher told me one day that she was not going to tolerate me crying anymore and that was the end of it. I didn’t cry in school after that. However, I was still a tattle tell at home on my older brother and sister. LOL


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