#Frotober Day 03: HOTD aka Hair of the Day


A hard-earned dry #braidout, with Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter, from a 3 day old #WnG
#naturalhair #curlyhair

“Later that day … “

Whomp whomp whomp!! Lol!! Not quite the #braidout I left the house with this morning.
But, I really don’t mind my hair getting all “swoll!”
#naturalhair #curlyhair

 (p.s. But I do mind the 3 hour long dry detangling session with SSKs and TSK [two-strand knots – how come no one ever talks about those … they don’t even get an official acronym!]. I cut out so many knots *smdh*. Love my natural curls and big hair, but can’t stand the consequences of a WnG anymore!)


What was your HOTD?


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  1. IKR!!!! I’ve been doing WnG for over a week and when I decided to detangle in the shower I had the hardest time! In order to avoid being horrendously late for work, I decided to drench it with oil and rock the results to work but I fear I’ll have a Soul Glo mark by the end of the day-_-


  2. taking out my twists tomorrow. After watching a video from Naptural85 I think I can make them last longer with one of her suggestions on twisting. I’m going to make them a little bigger this time though because i’m just not up for 7+ hours of twisting this weekend


    • I still can’t believe you spent 7 hours twisting your hair. I can only do that for henna or if I go to a braiding salon and I know that it’ll last me 6-8 weeks! Whew!! But, it looked good!!


  3. I think the biggest mistake we make with our WNG’s is trying to make them last forever…it’s a wash and go not a wash and stay…lol!!! You know about day 2-3 is about all they really can hold out for before the dreaded knots (fairy, 2-strand, single and so on and so on). Even our lighter sisters wash and re-style their hair daily if not every 2-3 days because of build up and matting/tangles. Ain’t nothing wrong with a WNG when worn 2 days and restyled, anything longer is a detangling session that’s well deserved…lol


    • Ain’t no way I’m washing/wetting/detangling every 2-3 days!! Ain’t nobody got time for all of that girl!! LOL ;)!!!! Shoot, I was just watching and reading Mahogany Curls current WnG regimen and she goes a week between washing now (on the video I watched, she said it had been 2 weeks!). She used to do it every couple of days when her hair was shorter. But now that it’s long, she goes a week between sessions. I guess you gotta figure out what you’re willing to deal with though …. knots or wetting/re-setting every few days. I’m not willing to deal with either, so I am going to be a braid-out wearing mutha … shut yo mouth … this fall/winter!! LMBO!!


      • hehehehe…since all my braidout and TNC’s were #FAILs I’ll be WNGs and diffusing at night this fall/winter. I follow Mahogany Curls WNG and after day 3 maybe 4 I’m not loving it anymore…she doesn’t use any oils and I like my soulglo look, so I add some shine serum for shine and smell good (=


        • Jcokes7 on YT has been dubbed the WnG queen even though MahoganyCurls is giving her some serious competition for that title. Anywho, she says she doesn’t get SSK (video #186) She attributes her success to moisturizing and sealing everyday. Her hair appears to a thicker & coarser texture than both of yours, but I thought I’d share. HTH.


  4. Take a look at your picture again. Do you see that perfect lowest-hanging coil? Do you ever search for those in your hair and squeeze them between you fingers like a spring? I don’t have big, juicy curls like you, but I’d I wear a puff or a pony, them I search for those when I’m writing or concentrating on something.


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