Tracee Ellis Ross Optimum 6-in-1 Miracle Oil Commercial


Unless you aren’t obsessed with the natural hair blogs like me ;), I’m sure you know that Tracee Ellis Ross is the new spokesperson for Optimum Salon Miracle Oil. The natural hair icon announced it in August in her interview with Curly Nikki (check it out here if you missed it). Now, although I attended the recent Optimum Salon Curly Nikki NYC meet-up, I only caught a glimpse of the gorgeous Ms. Ross. I also somehow didn’t manage to make my way to a TV where they were showing Tracee’s Optimum Salon 6-in-1 Miracle Oil Commercial! Luckily for me, I have you guys! Because, Kimberly sent me the link to the full commercial last week! Thanks Kim!!

That packing issue? #True story *lol*

Super silly and over the top, but cute. Anywho, we got samples of the 6-in-1 Miracle Oil at the event. And, I totally would have tried it … if the first two ingredients were actually oils instead of 42893SS1 Isopropryl myristate and dicaprylyl ether. Seriously, what the heck is that about? There are some good oils in the ingredients (check out the full list here). But, when your first two ingredients are chemicals that I can’t even pronounce … I’m kind of not feeling it. Oh well … my PJ has been quelled for once.


So, what do you think? Of the commercial and the oil?


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  1. Hey Shelli,

    I am feeling some kind of way about the 6 n 1 Miracle Oil too. The video/commercial is making its way around and it is certainly entertaining enough BUT if you pause long enough to separate the product from the celeb…………the product falls short (just one woman’s opinion). The product does contain some great oils but it also contains some other stuff, which I am not so sure is “great”.

    The sample we received at the NYC Meet-Up was the smallest ampule ever. (And, I was fortunate enough to have received several samples.) I did try it since curiosity got the best of me. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the product to be the panacea for my frizzy, fine hair. In fact, the WGO that you turned me on to kicks its butt!


  2. I have also been intrigued by this product and I was on the prowl to find it. I finally spotted it about a week ago in a Target near my dad’s house and after reading over the ingredients and standing in the aisle for about 10mins I put it back. I just don’t get how it can replace all other products (as the commercial indicates), how can it provide excellent moisture when it is an oil product? I LOVE Tracee’s hair but I will have to sit this one out and just go with my own oil mix.


  3. Just googled those two ingredients:

    “One of the worse offenders called isopropyl myristate,which is absorbed readily by the skin, helps cosmetics apply more smoothly and gives them a slicker, sheer feel. Isopropyl myristate, an alcohol used in hair rinses, hand lotions and fragrances, is also a solvent that dries the skin and hair, and creates cracks and fissures in the skin, which encourage bacterial growth.

    dicaprylyl ether

    A plant derived oil (coconut oil).It is utilised as pores and skin conditioner, emollient and solvent. Dicaprylyl ether is regarded for its fast spreading abilities, and is therefore used to support facilitate the spreadability of several sluggish spreading substances.It generates a sleek and soft overall look for the pores and skin. Contrary to most emollients, it gives you a dry and non-greasy truly feel to the pores and skin.”

    Yeah, I’ll stick to making my own 6 in 1… Sooo much better!
    Thanks for posting Tracey… One of my many hair idols! 🙂


  4. I see this as an attempt by a company that is known to cater to women with relaxed hair, simply attaching the word natural to a product as a means to garner more consumers without actually changing the ingredients of their product #My3Coins


  5. I am co-signing with ALL the previous replies! Tracee – really?!? She should know better. We are not falling for the nonsense! We read our ingredients,, we know what works for our individual scalps, and we are aware of the marketing ploys. Miracle oil my foot. It’s gonna take a miracle for me to buy this mess.


  6. That’s “dirty pool” using hair goddess Tracee Ellis Ross to hawk a product with questionable attributes. Unless this isht has “spice melange” in it, there’s no way it’s gonna do alla this or make my hair look as fabulously gorgeous as hers!

    Shame on Soft Sheen Carson – boo – hiss – *blows raspberry*


  7. I was just in Walgreens in search of this product. I heard jojoba oil and all of this goodness in the commercial. The first few ingredients made me suck my teeth. I should have Google’d first. Definitely not something I would put in my hair. I thought it would be natural but I swear I even saw petroleum in it. Smh. and yes, damn Tracee.. the commercial was corny. Optimum has money. Stop playing.


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