#Frotober Instagram Natural Hair Photo Challenge – Day 01


Hey guys!! So, I’ve decided to participate in the #Frotober 31 Day natural hair photo challenge on IG sponsored by @maria_antoinette, @cornercurlgirl and @she_smiles_!! I’ll be sharing my POTD (Photo of the Day ;)) on Facebook,Twitter and here too! The only “rules” are that you must post a photo every day based upon the theme and tag the pic with #Frotober and the day!! Oh! And this isn’t just a challenge, it’s a contest too! For more details, check out TheMariaAntoinette.com’s post,  The Frotober IG Photo Challenge!!

Anywho, here are my Day 01 entries (yes, “entries.” I did two because I wasn’t sure if I could use an old photo. So, I took a new one and then posted my first choice when I got clarification on “the rules!”)



Thanks to @andybaby23 for sharing this challenge with me! And, I hope that some of you join in the fun!!

Want to find me on IG? It’s easy!! @Hairscapades!  😉


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