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#Frotober Days 27-30


Day 27: Hydration The “Cool and Seal” deep conditioning technique was a game changer for me and was
one of my most popular posts from last year.

It starts on wash day for me. Get that right, and the rest of the week is easy!

Day 28: Pumpkin

Yeah, Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Moisturizing Conditioner is one of my FAVE DCs. And it smells A-MUH-zing!! Shout-out to Penny of Happy Endings!! LOL!!

Day 29: Black
Or, should I say, black-out. Yup. Barely 4:30 pm and the power went out already with barely a stiff breeze :/. On the right is my living/dining area w/flash and the left w/out. Gonna be a long several days. *sigh* Let me conserve my cell battery. G’night IG.

Day 30: Beauty
Finding joy in some quality snuggle time in the midst of a hurricane and black-out. Thank you Lord for keeping my family and friends safe. May God bless and comfort those who experienced loss during this storm, especially those who experienced irreplaceable losses. May we all remember that property can be restored, but life cannot.


Thanks to Sandy and JCPL, I’m sure we’ll be without power for several days. My little community always seems to be last on the list for repairs. But, thanks to the kindness of friends, I’m charging up and about to enjoy a little Ben & Kate and Happy Endings before heading back to a dark house. Check in with me on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram for updates ———–>;>;>;>;!!

God bless!!


In His Eyes: Dwele


by Weusi

He first made some of your ears buzz when you saw him rockin’ on the SLUM VILLAGE classic, Tainted.

He caught some of your eyes as you watched and wondered who he was when you saw and heard him on a series of McCafe commercials …

His name is DWELE … but I know that you already knew that. How did I know? Because you looked at the title of this post. So … i’m not gonna carry on because this is my interview with him … enjoy.


Q: I’m sure that you are tired of the question about your musical influences. And since you’ve always been a stylish dude … and since this is for the ladies, lets focus on your style really quick. Name 4-7 of the people/celebrities that you saw as beautiful and/or stylish growing up?
Michael Jackson. Like every other kid, I wanted the jacket and curl…Parents got me the jacket with the zippers, but said that jheri wasn’t happenin’. Stevie Wonder always had the best glasses. I always loved that 50’s classic look too, jeans, white tee and leather jacket. To me, that’s always a good look and never gets outdated. In the late 80’s early 90’s, I used layaway to the fullest and tried to get every silk/rayon shirt/jacket I could find thanks to Will Smith the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. The neo soul look in the mid 90’s to me was the “hip hop style” taking it to the next level and growing up.  D’angelo, Maxwell, Bilal, Musiq … I was on that heavy. And thanks to Badu, I wanted my girl to wear a head wrap lol.

Q: Style in Detroit is a little different. I’ve heard it said that it’s a cultural thing, but it’s still very much from the streets. How would you describe it?
Classic Detroit style to me is 3 piece suits, gator boots and Dobbs. But, there are so many different styles of dress in the Motor. A few staples now are Cartier glasses, Timberland boots and fur-hood leathers. The Notorious Old English D hat will be around forever! You can always tell a Detroit native, doesn’t matter what city you’re in.

Q: Can you explain how Detroit stays making up lingo such as flapjacks, swank and my new favorite, PATrick RONald (or is it just you and your crew)?!?!
Haha! That’s probably just my crew. PATrick RONald happened one day in summer, we were out on bikes and stopped at an outdoor bar. My friend ordered a round of beers and I asked for a round of Patrón. Somebody responded, “yea, pat ron…” Then I responded, “PATRICK RONALD PLEASE!” Everybody started laughin and said you should make that a song … Thus was born PATrick RONald.

Q: As times changed, we watched your sense of fashion change. And your sound has matured too. What kinds of things inspire those changes (musically & style wise)?
I always operate off of what I feel at the time. Musically, it’s about what I’m surrounded by, what I’m feeling mixed with what I do or what’s “my sound.” Lyrically, it’s the situations I’m living, as well as situations I see my people going through.  Style wise, it’s about comfort. Seven years ago, I needed shell-toe Addidas and braids to feel comfortable on stage or in front of a camera. Now I’m more about the tailored suits.

Q: Your hair has become somewhat of a trademark for yours. What do you think your hair said or says about you?
I think my hair represents my raw side. I like rockin’ Gucci loafers with a suit and line up, then throwing the whole thing off with untamed hair. I think there are certain elements in my music that are clean … and then certain elements that are raw or natural at the same time as well.

Q: What inspired you to let go of the cornrows and go with the bush?
I did cornrows forEVER!  I was just ready for a change and that was the next progression for me.  Who knows what’s next.

Q: What products do you use and how often do you get your hair attended to?
I try to restart my wildness every month. Wash it, straighten it, braid it, then take it apart and let it work. I like to use Oliivi extra virgin olive oil leave-in conditioner.

Q: When you are out on the road, do you do anything special to care for your hair?
I try to get everything done hair wise before I leave. One less thing to worry about. After that, I let the pillow do the work.

Q: Did you grow up around women that had perms or natural hair styles? How did that influence your ideas of beauty?
I grew up mostly around women with perms, that’s pretty much all I knew.  I didn’t really start to recognize natural hair on women (afros, dreadlocks) until college, and I loved it … it was different.

Q: I have to ask … Are you single or do you have a girlfriend/wife/special friend?
I have a special friend

Q:  If you were at the store, walking down the beauty aisle, would you know what to pick up for your lady friends hair? If so, what does she use? If not, what do you guess she would get?
I have No.I.Dea. lol

Q: Do you keep up with a ladies hair cycle? Do you know how often she washes her hair? Conditions? Colors? Deep conditions? Etc.?
I’ll ask. haha

Q: Do you have any kids? If so do you do their hair? Do you think that you could do a little girls hair!?!
I used to cut my little brother’s hair, that was forever ago. I occasionally line myself up. It’s usually when I’m overseas or in a city where I don’t have a regular barber … so I assume I still “got it.” I wouldn’t know what to do with a little girl’s hair. If I had to, I could probably braid it. I wouldn’t attempt anything having to do with heat.

Q: If you have a daughter, would you feel prepared to do her hair? Why or why not?
At this point, I would not feel prepared. But I am a fast learner, I’m sure I could become a one-head semi professional rather quickly.

Q: Have you ever been involved with a sister that had to wear “headgear” to bed? What kind? How did/do you deal with that and what’s your preference … bonnet, scarf, do rag, hat!?!
Of course!  And I’ve grown to love the wrap and scarf….I don’t know if that’s weird or not.

Q: You’ve gone from being a “Tainted” Player from the D known for flippin’ those “Flapjacks” to Mr. Romantic asking, “What You Gotta Do.” What should people expect from your new album, “GREATER THAN ONE?”
Haha! A little of both. I still write music inspired from my “Tainted” days as well as the present. That’s the beauty of it. If you’ve lived it once, as long as you can remember it, you can always draw from it. The album has something on there for everybody. Definitely can be the soundtrack for your life.

Q: You are part of a small fraternity. Do you feel an extra responsibility to maintain the legacy of being a crooner?
I feel responsibility to be myself. I try to stay true to myself with every album.

Q: Speaking of crooners, I know there are a bunch of sisters that go CRAZY when they look at your track listing and see that you and Raheem Devaughn have collaborated again on a record. Can you talk about it?
I featured him on the last album with a song called Dim the Lights. That’s all the women talked about on the net, so I knew I had to make it happen again. As soon as I finished the music for the song, What You Gotta Do, I knew he had to be on it.

Q: You’ve also have some other special collaborations and songs are on this album. Can you talk about them a little too?
I really wanted to put the spotlight on Detroit artists with this album, so I featured J Tait, L’Renee and Black Milk on my song, Must Be. It’s a dedication song to the city. I also featured Monica Blaire on PATrick RONald and Swank.

Q: You are seen as a romantic cat. Is that a good assessment? Can you share your top 3 dating tips? And what are the 3 worst dating mistakes dudes make?
Three tips? 1. Keep it comfortable. Don’t try to do the most on the first date. If the connection is there, you’ll have time for that later. 2. Stay off of your phone! 3. Make her laugh. The three worst dating mistakes would be NOT doing everything I just said.

Q: Could you share a quirky fact about your self or a guilty pleasure?
I am a pool shark.  Don’t challenge me to a game unless you’ve won tournaments.

Q: In what area of your life has your fame had the most impact?
I don’t really view myself as having achieved “Fame.” I view it as just having a greater opportunity to reach people with music. So, the most impact would just be when someone tells me that my music made a difference or created an experience for them in some way.

Q: I know that you are going on tour this fall. For those readers that haven’t had the chance to see you live, can you give them a brief sneak peek into what they’ll experience at a Dwele show?
I try to do the new songs as well as the old.  I know when I go to a concert, I want to hear my favorites, so I try to do that. And, no matter what size the crowd, I always try to make it feel intimate.

Q: We’ve got readers worldwide. I hear that there’s talk of a trip to South Africa. Have you been before? Are there other places in the world that you look forward to performing?
I’ve been to Johannesburg before.  I’ll be experiencing a different part of Africa this time, I’m excited. I would love to perform in Brazil and I still haven’t been to Greece … Bucket list.

Q: As a lover of music, I couldn’t do an interview with you and not ask for you to share whatever you want about the late great J-Dilla … if you would share anything we’d be honored!
Dilla was and still is an inspiration to myself, Detroit and the industry. To see him work a MPC was like watching magic. He always had the answer if I had a question about sampling and I feel blessed to have known him on the level that I did. He left us with great music and great memories.

Q: On a personal note … Do you have a favorite song, by you or someone else, that you like to sing at weddings?
I’ve only performed at three weddings in my life. The first, I played Stevie Wonder’s Ribbon in the Sky. Second wedding, a friend requested that I play one of my unreleased songs while she walked down the aisle. It was a while ago and I can’t remember the name of the song. The most recent was my godsister’s wedding where I performed Kick Out of You.

Q: Thank you for your time and energy! Is there anything that I didn’t talk about that you’d like to share?
I think we covered everything.  Follow me on twitter and instagram @therealdwele and @dwelefans for updates on my tour schedule. Facebook: Dwele and for b side videos.

And that’s all folks ...

If you don’t have the album yet … GET IT … you’ll enjoy it!

Here’s a little re-mix of the lead single, WHAT PROFIT, from Dwele featuring the 5 foot freak, Phife Diggy from A Tribe Called Quest.

For more info hit and

Support good people that make good music!


Mizani: Supreme Oil and True Textures Trial Run



Yes! Despite the looming “Frankenstorm” that is Hurricane Sandy and last minute preparations, including housecleaning, laundry work and survival grocery shopping, I managed to wash and set my hair yesterday! I figured, I’d better do it now or I might be SOL this week and walking around with a rat’s nest as my town is prone to long-ended power outages in severe storms.

Not only did I wash my hair, I decided to try something new! You see, last week, I received an unexpected package at my door!! Mizani products!! I was sent items from the Supreme Oil and True Textures lines. As I was given a shampoo, conditioner, mask, leave-in and “jelly,” I figured I’d try using them all. I don’t think I’ve ever used a single line for washing and styling, so I figured, “Why not?” Mind you, I realize that, technically, this is two lines ;).

Anywho, I pre-pooed overnight from Saturday into Sunday with equal parts Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose and GPB conditioners mixed with Vatika oil on my hair and WGHO on my scalp. As usual, I placed my hair in 6 twists. Early afternoon on Sunday, I washed with the sulfate-free Supreme Oil Shampoo, applied the conditioner to detangle and ended up having to add some Herbal Essences Hello Hydration to finish the job and then “deep conditioned” for 15 minutes with the mask (the directions only indicate: 3-5 minutes; but I decided to make it 15 and add my thermal wrap). Next, I cooled and sealed with the diluted conditioner. I have to say, my hair didn’t feel as smooth, soft and silky as it normally does. It felt a little hard and coarse.

After lightly blotting my ends with a Curl Cloth to sop up the drippies, I applied the True Textures Leave-in to each released twist one by one and combed it through with a wide-tooth comb. The comb glided through my hair relatively easily despite the leave-in having an Elmer’s Glue like appearance and consistency! LOL!! Next, I applied a decent amount of the True Textures Curl Set Jelly section by section to form 14 twists, 7 on each side. I smoothed a little extra at my roots to control the fuzzies. The Jelly also had a different appearance, almost like petroleum jelly mixed with gel. However, it wasn’t at all greasy and also went on smoothly.

Mizani True Textures Curl Soft Leave-in (L); Curl Set Jelly (R)

Finally, I applied a little Vatika Oil to my ends and set the twists on small grey perm rods.

And this is what I look like as I type this, except that I have a satin scarf around my edges and I’ll sleep in my open-ended pocket bonnet.

As to the Mizani lines, preliminarily, I’ve already told my sister that she can have the Supreme Oil products as I didn’t feel they did my hair any favors. She likes Mizani though, so she’d like to give them a whirl. As to the True Textures leave-in and jelly, the verdict is still out on those. But, the thing is … I’m not feeling the ingredient lists on these products. So, even if my hair turns out great, I doubt that I’d purchase them myself. I mean, seriously, the first ingredient in all of the products is water preceded by a number (e.g. 42856 SS8 Aqua/Water). But, each product has a different number at the beginning (though they seem somewhat sequential). I haven’t been able to determine what the “modifiers” mean. But, when water isn’t plain water, I become a little concerned. When I can’t figure out why water isn’t plain water, then I become wary. So, yeah, there’s a little side eye action going on right now.

All that being said, I’ll be back with my results later today … hopefully! They are predicting that “Frankestorm” will hit us beginning early afternoon Monday and continue through Wednesday, with the worst of it being Tuesday. So, it’s highly likely that this hair will be in a bun by the end of the day and I might not have any electricity!! But, I’ll try to make certain to snap a few pics tomorrow morning before Sandy does her business and my cell dies ;). If all goes well, I’ll share pics tomorrow evening. But, I’m not making any promises!! LOL!

Alright, so to all my ladies (and gents … hey, I think that there are a couple out there ;)) who are in the path of this storm, please stay safe and I’ll “talk” to you on the other side!!

That’s a wrap!



Alright, I’m back … and eating a little crow. LOL! You see, yesterday, I wrote on IG that my hair was not as soft and smooth as it usually feels after a DC and, “If my hair doesn’t feel good/soft wet, it’s unlikely that it’ll feel that way dry.” Well, I’m here this afternoon to tell you that I got a very nice, soft but firm hold from the Mizani leave-in and jelly. And, it also held up in spite of a couple of short encounters with Hurricane Sandy (mind you, I did wear a hat and a raincoat with a hood cinched tight around my neck … but still ;)).

So, without further ado, here are the results of my TnC (Note: I applied a little Wonder Curl Polishing Pomade to my twists before releasing them).

Not bad. Not bad at all.


Have you used Mizani? If so, which line(s)? How did the products work for you? Which ones are your faves and why?

Curly ‘Fro


Okay, LOVING this!! May have to give the curly ‘fro a try soon!! Like Shaniece, it’s hard for me to get a ‘fro look due to my length. But, I think this is possible! Don’t think I’ll be giving it a try tonight given Hurricane Sandy aka “Frankenstorm’s” imminent arrival tonight and predictions of 4-8″ of rain in the next 3 days. But, I’ll definitely be putting it in the Style Inspiration Library to check-out at a later date ;)!

via PGneiicey

Gorgeous woman and gorgeous hair!! 

#Frotober Days 23-26


Day 23: Bangs/Faux BangsLMBO!! I tried hennaing this clip-on bang (human hair) over the weekend so that it would match my hair color and I can use it when my hair is straight. The henna didn’t take. Mmmm, wonder if a red gloss or manic panic (is that what it’s called?) would work?!?

Hmmmm, might have to play around with this. Think it would be cuter if my ends were more defined/curlier!

I did this back in February when I had my hair flat-ironed. I was digging it!

Day 24: Favorite Hair AccessoryHair Flowers!!!! Love ’em!!!!

Here’s another one. I make a lot of my own flower clips/pins. By adding a pin and a clip, I can wear them in so many different ways!!! I can even use the pin to attach the flower to a headband or a scrunchie!! So versatile!! Check out this post for a quick and easy tutorial for making your own hair flowers!

Day 25: Best Curl of the Day

It didn’t say TOday! *lol* So, since I’m bunned up right now, going with my best curl of MonDAY.
You know which one I’m talking about, right? It’s a spirally and boingy!! That’s the one!

Day 26: Curly/CoilyThis pic is from early 2011, when I finally perfected my #TnC.
Love the way my #henna grey streak looks here!!!

Flowers from Fatima Giveaway Winner!!


The winner is of the Flowers From Fatima  Giveaway is …

NikkiNicoleIsUrLover (@ActressNik)

Congrats lady! Shoot your mailing address and contact number to me, plus a link to the item you want (up to a $20 value) to me at and Flowers From Fatima will get your prize in the mail post haste!!

*The winner was selected using the True Random Number Generator at

Quick Tip: Shower Cap/Bonnet “Fix”


Have a shower cap or bonnet that has lost its elasticity, but is in perfect condition otherwise and you don’t want to discard it out of frugality or for sentimental reasons? Salvage it by using a wide elastic headband (mine is by Goody) to secure the edges!


Halloween Hilarity


OMGosh, this clip from the Jimmy Kimmel show last year is hysterical. I have a feeling that I’ll watch it every year around Halloween as long as YouTube is around. It is a classic! One day, I hope to do this to my own child! LMBO!!

“You sneaky mom!!”

Final GOC Update: Miss Leah (#7)


Screeeeeeeech!! Hold the phone!! Miss Leah is now Mrs. Leah!! That’s right!!!! Miss Leah is now MRS. Leah!!! She jumped the broom this summer!! To see pics from her special day and learn more, see below.


by Mrs. Leah of Curly, Creative, and Homemade (formerly A Diamond through the Fire)

I finally straightened my hair and put on my trusty white tee to tally up my length retention. In total I retained … (drum roll please) 2 1/2 inches … womp womp wooooomp. lol. I was looking for more retention, but I need to factor in the trim/cuts I did throughout the year that equal about 2 inches. When I started the GOC, my longest strand was 8 1/2 inches. Now it is 11 inches!! The shorter hair on the sides have finally made it down to the red line. I desperately need a trim and that will probably take about an inch of growth too. I am currently looking for a stylist to do that for me. After the trim, my hair will be more even and the ends will be healthier looking. lol.

Going into this winter, I’m all about the protective styles! Buning will be my go to style. I’m also in search of more conditioners and hair cremes to get me through these dry months. I plan to continue the GOC for the rest of my life, even if I don’t record on the blog. It’s really exciting to see what hair can do if you take good care of it. I’m still learning how to take care of it, but I’ve come a long way!

New Hair Goals:

  • Wash weekly, Co Wash as needed (once a week)
  • Deep condition weekly (Saturdays)
  • Spot Snip (see a single strand knot and snip that joint lol)
  • BUN
  • Research new products
  • Make my own hair creme
  • Retain more length this WINTER


And now, what you’ve all been waiting … or scrolling forward for 😉 …


To read more about Mrs. Leah’s special day, go here!! To find out what she did for “honeymoon hair,” go here!


SKILLS NOTES: Product Ingredients


So, I was thinking about how overwhelming it can be when you first discover the online natural hair web-iverse. There is sooooo much information out there and some of it is very technical, while other is anecdotal. And, while the education can be enlightening, it can also cause more issues than remaining ignorant!! Been there …  done that. LOL!! However, I do believe there is a “sweet spot.”  You know … that point where you’ve read enough, watched enough and tried enough to make informed decisions about what products, techniques and regimens will work for you and also know enough to figure out on which ones you should take a pass? *Singing* “Walk on byyyyyyyy.”

Well, all that being said, it may take some time to reach your very own personal “sweet spot.” Shoot, it took me a year plus! LOL! But, I thought that I might be able to help some reach their spot more quickly and navigate some of the ins and outs of natural hair by providing some fundamentals in a simple format, as well as links to additional information for those desiring more details. And thus, the idea for Skills Notes was born ;). (Yup, Skills Notes. Hairscapades was too long and Skills has been my nickname since college. ;))

So, with that, welcome to the first installment of SKILLS NOTES!


SULFATES: Cleansing agents found in many shampoos. Traditional sulfates can be harsh and strip hair of necessary moisture and oils. However, there are now many cleansers on the market that are sulfate-free and/or formulated with mild sulfates. WHO NEEDS TO KNOW: Those who are following the Curly Girl (CG) method, the Tightly Curly Method (TCM) and/or those with dryness issues. WHY: These individuals should avoid harsh sulfates and seek sulfate-free or mild sulfate alternatives.

For more information on sulfates and the alternatives, check out these articles: Which Sulfates Are Safer Than the Others? What’s in Your Shampoo

SILICONES: Conditioning agents used in shampoos, conditioners, stylers, serums and glosssers that provide slip and shine. Most ingredients ending in “cone,” “col,” “conol” or “zane” are silicones. There are four basic categories of silicones: water-soluble, slightly water-soluble, non water-soluble but repels build-up, non water-soluble and build-up prone. Non water-soluble silicones can eventually prevent the hair from absorbing sufficient water/moisture to remain hydrated, which can cause dry hair.

WHO NEEDS TO KNOW: Those who are following the CG Method or the TCM and/or conditioner only regimens. WHY: These individuals should either avoid non-water soluble silicones, use mild sulfate or sulfate-free shampoos that remove silicones or incorporate a “clarifying” sulfate shampoo into their regimen as needed. 

Want to learn more? Check out these articles: The Real Scoop on Silicones (silicones explained) What’s the Scoop on Silicones (chart with recommended cleansing agents by cone)

PROTEINS: Protein is used in many conditioners to reinforce and strengthen the hair structure, especially when hair is damaged or weakened by chemicals (i.e. permanent colors and/or chemical relaxers and perms). Protein treatments should be followed by moisturizing conditioners to restore elasticity or the hair may become brittle and feel dry. “Protein sensitivity” is a term used for hair that responds negatively to protein, either because the hair has sufficient protein or becomes brittle despite post-treatment moisturizing conditioners.

WHO NEEDS TO KNOW: Everyone ;). WHY: Ensuring that hair is strong and moisturized aids in appearance and reduces breakage that can impede length retention goals.

For a listing of proteins as well as tons of other useful information, check out this link: Curls 101 FAQs

GLYCERIN: Humectant found in many products that is used to attract water into the hair shaft.

WHO NEEDS TO KNOW: Those with porous and frizz-prone hair, those with low porosity hair and those with dry hair. WHY: In humid climates (i.e. high dew points), glycerin can cause high porosity hair to frizz and tangle. For those with dry or low porosity hair that is hard to moisturize, glycerin can help draw water from the environment into the hair and help reduce/eliminate dryness. Many curl activators contain glycerin in order to aid hair in moisture retention and some naturals/curlies have found success with these type of products.

For a list of common humectants, see the Curls 101 FAQs link above.

ALCOHOLS: There are two basic categories of alcohols used in hair products: short chain drying alcohols (bad) and long chain “fatty” alcohols (good). Short chain drying alcohols evaporate quickly, so they are used in products to decrease the time it takes hair to dry. In contrast, long chain “fatty” alcohols are lubricating, moisturizing and “film-forming” in order to lock in moisture.

WHO NEEDS TO KNOW: Everyone. WHY: Short-chain drying alcohols should be avoided whereas long-chain fatty alcohols are fine and can be sought out for their moisturizing properties.

Drying alcohols: SD alcohol, SD alcohol 40, Alcohol denatured, Propanol, Propyl alcohol, Isopropyl alcohol

Fatty alcohols: Behenyl alcohol, Cetearyl alcohol, Cetyl alcohol, Isocetyl alcohol, Isostearyl alcohol, Lauryl alcohol, Myristyl alcohol, Stearyl alcohol, C30-50 Alcohols, Lanolin alcohol

MINERAL OIL: Mineral oil is used in products as an emollient, to seal in moisture, block humidity and enhance clumping/curl formation. It is non-water soluble. Mineral oil does not penetrate into the hair shaft to moisturize on its own. It simply aids in sealing in water/moisture. Mineral oil has gotten a bad rap, because it is often used in products with other ingredients (like petrolatum and lanolin), which are sticky and/or greasy. These combination of ingredients can cause build-up on the hair and scalp, as well as attract dust, dirt and lint from the environment. Some naturals avoid mineral oil at all costs, but it does have benefits. Cosmetic grade mineral oil can be light and non-sticky.

WHO NEEDS TO KNOW: Those who follow co-wash only/shampoo free regimens and those with scalp issues. WHY: Products with mineral oil combined with petrolatum, lanolin and some vegetable oils can be sticky, greasy and build-up on the hair and clog the pores of the scalp. Therefore, they require a cleansing agents to remove.  

Want to learn more about mineral oil and how it stacks up against coconut oil? Find more information here: Using Mineral Oil for Hair Mineral Oil vs. Coconut Oil – Which is Better?

PETROLATUM: Petrolatum is used in products to seal in water, provide a barrier against heat and chemicals and add sheen to the hair. It is non-water soluble. Petrolatum is sticky, which can attract dust, dirt and lint from the environment. It can cause build-up on the hair and clog the pores of the scalp. Petrolatum is found in many traditional hair “greases.”

WHO NEEDS TO KNOW: Those who follow co-wash only/shampoo free regimens and those with scalp issues. WHY: Products with petrolatum, lanolin and some vegetable oils can be sticky, greasy and build-up on the hair and clog the pores of the scalp. Therefore, it requires a cleansing agent to remove.

PARABENS: Preservatives used to extend the shelf life of products by protecting against a wide range of microorganisms. The most common parabens found in cosmetic products are methylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben. WHO NEEDS TO KNOW: Those who want to use all-natural and/or organic products exclusively. Those who want to avoid this preservative due to concerns about toxicity and studies that indicated that parabens disrupts hormones and were detected in breast tumors. WHY: Self-explanatory ;).

For more information about the FDA’s position on parabens and the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) assessment and recommendations, check out these articles: and Ingredients Safety: Parabens Parabens and Skin Deep Database Parabens

And that’s it for the first edition of SKILLS NOTES, Product Ingredients!


So, how’d I do?? What ingredients would you add to the list of basics?