Gold & Leopard


Despite that smile, it’s been a long week y’all. Meeting after meeting after meeting, with two 3+ hour roundtrip commutes thrown in for good measure. Few more meetings today and need to clean house tonight, so no rest for the weary (mind you, I feel guilty even saying that in comparison to you ladies with kids! I don’t know how I’m ever going to do that! I’m already tired and I’m old! *lol*).

Anywho, quick post to share my outfit from yesterday. I’m giving that leopard skirt from Wallis a workout (sorry, it’s out of stock as of the date of this post)! I paired it with a black tank and a tulip-sleeve, gold brocade fitted jacket that I got from Atelier in Montclair for about $12, I think! I accessorized with white-trimmed, black T-strap BGBG Girls platforms and a cute little, gold and cream flower earrings and necklace set that I got at Walmart in the spring.

My hair was essentially in the same tuck and roll from the previous day with a different flower.

A little worse for the wear at the end of the day,
but you get the idea.

By the way, did you notice the nice little bruiser on my cheek?!

I was outside of work on Wednesday night talking to a friend and got bit the frick up by mosquitos or something! I have four bites on my right leg too!!

Can you tell how big, red and swollen these things are?!? They itch like crazy!! Okay, sorry. That was completely random, but just needed to share my pain with you guys ;).

Alright, gotta go!

Happy Friday!


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  1. I’ve been stalking the site hoping it will come back in stock!!! I absolutely love the outfit but NEED the skirt in my rotation for the fall!!!!


    • LOL! Too cute Emily!! I kept trying to think of something I could put on them that I have around the house b/c I was out of hydrocortisone! Alcohol!! I remember doing that!! They stopped itching, but I’ll remember for next time … or I’ll have to start using Wei’s coconut oil again;)!


  2. Hi Shelli! Fierce as always!!! I sent you an email but didn’t get an answer (I’m sure you’re super busy…), please holla when you get a chance 🙂


    • Awwwww, thank you! But Seyna, I didn’t get any email that I know of or can find! Did you send it to my hairscapades gmail address? If so, when? Is it under the name Seyna?


      • Hi Shelli! I sent it to hairscapades (at) gmail (dot) com, on Thu, Sep 6, 2012 at 9:31 AM (gmail is very precise lol), & it was titled “business idea, need help!”, from Seynabou Niang Seck “seynabou (dot) niang (at) gmail (dot) com”… Let me know if you still can’t find it, I’ll re-write (I know it happens that messages get lost in the web!!!), I’d really like to get your opinion!Take care, & keep up with the great inspiration 😉


  3. We’re hair twins today. I wore the same style today after being inspired by a video from Ms. Vaughn earlier this month. Sorry to hear about the mosquitoes. I’m mad those suckers are still around. They need to sit down somewhere – preferably Australia. Love the skirt and the shoes!


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