Flash Post


This is just a quick flash post of random hair things.

First, the above pic is of a quick roll and tuck style that I wore to work yesterday and I’m wearing again today with a different flower. Return of the stretched and protected hair ;).

Prior to that, I wore my twist-out hair down on Monday … but not with the side part. Seems that I can only ever get that to look right at home. Part of the problem probably is that I can’t work like this … you know, with only one eye ;). *lol*

Got some gifted goodies from CreamandCoco.com this week that I can’t wait to try! The Hair Pudding smells delicious!!  Well … to me anyway … I love sweet smells ;).

Oh, and got gifted an EboniDreams Ebonnet from EboniCurls a few weeks ago. Eboni is a complete doll!! Anywho, I’ve been wearing the bonnet for about a week and a half. So, full review for that coming soon too!!

That’s it! Told you that it was a “flash” post ;).

What’s been going on with all of you this week? C’mon, share a little ;). 


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  1. Question of the day. People are developing and marketing these “natural hair products” All with the same ingredents (shea butter,coconutoil) . Is the market saturated ? How can new entrepenures (check spelling lol) stand out from all the rest ?


    • You are so right Tiffany. I think that is really the challenge and it’s not only with the natural hair products, it’s with all the commercial “curly” hair products too. I get so many e-mails telling me about the next great thing and it does feel like the market is flooded at times. So, I think it is really hard for companies to differentiate their brand from the crowd.


  2. Hey Shelli!!!! I am so loving the roll and tuck…My hair is no where being able to do any kind of roll/tucks, but it is growing and that is what is important for me right now! So I recently changed my hair regimen. I co-wash 2x a week and I have implemented Smooth n’ Shine Curl Activator Gel. I love this stuff it does not leave my hair crunchy. I still use the Eco Styler Olive Oil gel but just a little for hold and curl definition. I find that the curl activator gel is the best moisturizer for my hair. I so need to do a length check it has been 4 months since my “BC”!!! I am still flying high with my decision to “BC” I will never look back and long for my old hair care that was a “WASH”!!!! LOL have an awesome day! BTW so loving the creamandcoco website…their products seem awesome. I just ran out of As I Am Coconut Co-Wash….so just might try the co-wash bar from creamandcoco! Happy Kinky Coiling!!!


    • Awwww, thanks lady!! Sounds like you are doing totally awesome!!! I got the pumpkin spice (I think?) shampoo bar and it smells delicious!! I’m a little nervous as I’ve never used a shampoo bar before though. I have a question out to the owner/creator about using it. I was thinking of trying a black soap shampoo recipe, by shaving and dissolving some of the bar in water, then adding aloe vera juice (pH balancing) and maybe a little oil, like jojoba or coconut. My understanding is that shampoo bars are naturally alkaline, regardless of whether cold or hot processed. That’s why people follow them with ACV rinses, to bring the hair back to its natural acidic pH. So, all that being said, I don’t know if you necessarily would want to replace your As I Am co-wash with a shampoo bar as they act very differently. But, if you wanted to just try a shampoo bar, then the one I have smells great!


  3. Hello Shelli … So Lovin the Roll & Tuck and the twist out … Nothing going on here just trying to tame this beast we call hair … I’m a new 2 month old “FULLY” natural and I have discovered that my hair is acting totally different from when it was transitioning … Overall I am enjoying the naturally coloured beautiful me and glad that I made the decision to go natural …

    Thanks for all the wonderful post … I really enjoy reading them and gaining so much valuable information. Take Care ~ Tameca


    • Hi again Sunshine Tameca;)!! Awwwww, loving hearing from you:)!! How long did you transition? Awwww, don’t call it a beast … unless it’s a good one like Beast from X-Men ;)! LOL!!! Thank you so much for the kind words and maybe we’ll get a hairstory (transitioning or newly natural;) from you one day ;)?


      • Sounds good about the hairstory … Anywho, I transitioned for 6 Months. My last relaxer was Feb 2012 and I BC’d on Aug 4th, 2012. Which makes me 7 months post relaxer and 2 months (almost) post BC. I am loving my hair. Totally getting acquainted with it. Learning what it likes and what it doesn’t like but I am getting the hang of it. At least I think I am (LOL). But one thing that I definite know for sure is that I am glad that I decided to go Natrual.


  4. Leopard is my new thing, do I hear giveaway that is NOT just for FB users???? Can’t wait for the review on the ‘cappie’ as Chloe calls them (=


  5. I swear one of these days I am going to come to your house and take all your HAIR SUPPLIES. LOL

    last night i did an Aphogee 2 steptreatment, then followed with a deep sleepovernight conditioner.
    I let airdried in two braids. For the weekend i will wear a sloppybun.. thats all.


    • Paulla, Lord girl … I NEED to let a few ladies in so that they can go “Shopping” in my cabinets! It’s OUT OF CONTROL!!!! I really have far more than I could ever use in the next decade, I think! HELP!!! LOL!!! Have you used the 2 step in the past? How do you like it? I only used it one time … then I discovered Aubrey GPB and it’s been sitting collecting dust under my sink ever since … that’s how it all starts ;)!!


  6. I checked out cream and coco’s website last week after your post and I am surprised to find they sell a co-wash bar and some of their other products that typically come in a container are actually bars. Very intuitive. So although the market seems saturated, companies such as this one are doing different things to attract customers to their product line. So on my list of products to purchase in the future are the co-wash bar among other things and the As I am coconut co-wash. I also gotta check out the shower caps. I already have one from Celestial crown. Thanks for the post.


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