Return of the Satin-Lined Fall Hat


“Bye bye summer. I think I’ll miss you most of all.”

With the last day of summer here, what better time to share my most recent acquisition?!? Dottie of Threadmill (an Etsy Shop) hooked me up!! A couple of weeks ago, I asked her to make a satin-lined hat that would match my plaid cape coat.

Well, I got it in the mail yesterday!! Yea!!! Though I’m bemoaning the change of seasons, I am excited to wear my satin-lined hats, tights, boots and layers!! So, it’s all good!

Later Days!!

(p.s. Stay tuned for a Threadmill Fall Giveaway announcement next week and just in time for the cool weather;)!!


What do you have planned for your first weekend of fall? What do you love most about the season?


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    • We’re on the same page -I’m looking to purchase an extra large sleep bonnet from the BSS and sewing it inside a hat. I had a pretty white hat with a bill and my DD’s mutant puppy chewed it last week! Doggone possum!


  1. i love that red hat! So I was home sick for 2 days including today. Now that i’m feeling better, I really don’t feel like doing my hair. BUT I washed it, let it air dry and I’m half way done with mini twists. Yes for real this time LOL. They are pretty small. Im 3 hours in as of this reply.


    • Okay … you didn’t feel like doing your hair after being sick 2 days … but you decided to do mini-twists?!?!? You’re 3 hours in … meaning not finished after 3 hours?!?! You are a better woman than me Michelle;).

      Katherine G, IKR??

      Criss … sorry!! LOL!! Hey, if you can line them yourselves, that rocks!


    • Wonderful video Sawah! I always wanted to buy a tan beanie but didn’t want to “look like I slept with the chickens” from all the lint a light-colored beanie would leave in my natural hair!

      I don’t buy ruffled satin bonnets – I look for those with a band and wear them inside-out so the sewn edge of the band doesn’t rub against my hairline – I will do the same on my upcoming beanie projects!

      I will check out my Joanne’s or Michael’s Arts and Crafts stores for the Aleene’s – Thank you!


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