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As many of you know, I’ve been natural for 12 years. When I see comments that more natural women are in commercials now … I often think, “They’ve always been there.” But, I think that “seeing” natural hair in the media is like seeing the car that you drive, you never notice how many of them there are until you “own” one yourself ;).

That being said, just saw this Infiniti commercial on TV and was CHEESING to see a natural bride:). Immediately paused the TV and hopped onto YouTube to see if I could find it to share!!


And how cute are those curly kids ;)?!?!


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  1. Yes they have always been there, but I feel like now there is more of a variety of natural, different “types/curls” of natural…either way its AWESOME!


  2. I think the “influx” of natural hair in commercials is due mostly because the black actresses walking into those auditions are natural. So often I hear (or read) comments from ppl assuming the visibility is due to the casting choices, but I have to disagree. If the “right” actress walked in with permed hair, she would get cast. Period. I’ve been natural (starting out with locs) for about 14 years. Being an actress, I barely got work when I was permed or weaved. I got the bulk of my work when I wore my locs, and then after I shaved my head! I have to speculate that when I was being myself, my confidence soared and therefore I was able to nail the auditions. But I can guarantee you my agent NEVER called me in for an audition because the client had a leaning towards “natural” hair. I’ve been called in because the client was looking for pregnant women, overweight women, or African American women, but NEVER natural hair specified. But having said all that, is it really necessary for a commercial to validate the beauty of natural hair?


    • I’ve kind of always been a person who dances to the beat of her own drummer. So, I don’t need it to validate the beauty of natural hair. I just think that it’s nice to see, especially for children and young women who may internalize the images of beauty that they see promulgated by the media. I think the more we see diversity in all things, the more people are able to recognize their own beauty. So, again, although I don’t find it personally necessary for me, I don’t discount the influence of media nor the role it plays in the self-esteem of the impressionable.

      I agree with what you say about the actresses too and sometimes think it’s just the sheer numbers. As more women become natural, more actresses auditioning for roles are natural. I think it’s partly just those mathematics. If it used to be that 1 in every 10 women who auditioned for a role was natural/curly and now it’s 5 in every 10 (just making up numbers, not saying that this is the reality), the chances increase that the actress cast will be natural.

      But yeah, this one excited me … again, I think because she was a bride and even some natural women still seem to struggle with the idea of wearing their hair in natural styles for their wedding, because there is this residual idea that natural hair isn’t sleek or elegant enough for “special occasions.” I love that we have options and if someone wants to wear their hair straight because it’s a way to switch it up for the day and make it a little different from their daily look, or there is this particular style that they want, I’m all for it. I just don’t like the idea that someone might not wear their natural hair for a special occasion because it’s not “special” or elegant enough. So, I just liked the image of the bride, because, again, I do believe the media can influence self-image and public perception.

      Okay, I’ve rambled and said my spiel!! LOL!! Just wanted to clarify why this particular commercial struck me:).


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  4. I saw this commercial for the first time tonight, and I must is becoming so normal to see us in commercials with natural hair that I almost didn’t really think about it. Love it!


  5. OMG just watched it. I actually got misty eyed=) Not only is she a natural but they showed her as a bride then they showed the natural little girl!!! I think I want that car now lol just kidding but I’m sure everyone shares my sentiment. I love it!


  6. nice! when people started asking the question, “is natural hair becoming a fad? ” i was confused, like, when did ‘being you’ ever been a fad. i never realized how just having curly kinky hair was looked at. our hair has been around forever.


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