Pom-Pom Buns



Here’s an idea!! A slight different take on multi-buns! Me likey!! And, I think I could pull it off with a banana clip!! Need a pretty broach though! Mmmmmm … or maybe an ear cuff with an attached hair comb ;)?!?!?


9/24/12 ETA: Earlier today on IG, my girl Seanna-Kaye of NaturalHairDoesCare gave me the source of the lovely lady and style above! So, I wanted to share the name of our “mystery” blogger and her video tutorial here! Seems that this is really a single high bun though!! Who woulda thunk?!

via CassandraBeccai.com

Hmmm, I wonder if that hair comb trick would work for me?!? I’ll have to try it!

Likey or No Likey?


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    • T. Espi … I was thinking …. if my hair isn’t full enough to make 2 big pom-poms, I’ll just stuff them with braiding hair:)!! I didn’t really notice it at first, but it seems like the front pom has a twist-out texture to it? The Marley hair would definitely give it that nice texture!


  1. I absolutely adore this style and you can totally pull it off. I mentioned on FB that the model in the photo resembles you alot. Go for it and post pic and a tut! I can’t do it but one can live vicariously through you.


    • Thanks ladies!!! I know Erica!!! Same thing happened when I posted the pic on FB! I was like, “Really!??!” Shooot … I’ll take it!! She’s so pretty!! I’m like, “You guys must be wearing Beer Goggles;)!” LOL!! I have a birthday party tomorrow evening, so I’m trying to decide if I want to wear it down or try this!! Guess it’ll depend on what I’m wearing … which I haven’t figured out yet!


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