“She’d Look Good in a Potato Sack”


So, I had this hypothesis that I wanted to test. I wanted to take a pic of hair that is wild, big, teased, irregular, frizzy, undefined whatever … and see it on someone considered attractive and another person considered unattractive. You see, I have this theory that the face (naked or with the right make-up and accompanied by a hot outfit) often influences the perception of the attractiveness of the hair.

Therefore, I decided to swap out the face of a model (wanted to use Sanaa, but my Photoshop skills are not up) with big, “undefined” hair with a pic of Flava Flav (by the way, the spelling of “Flav” bothers me … you need an “e” at the end of “Flav” for a hard “a” … but, I digress).

(Okay, okay, I posed this on my FB page first and was accused of sandbagging the comparison with Flave. But, you know, just trying to drive home my supposition and prompt some dialogue … it’s been quiet around here lately ;). Plus, I generally don’t like calling people ugly based on physical appearance. So, I had no desire to find a picture of an “ugly” person. But, I mean, c’mon, Flave looks like a Gremlin!!!)


So, whaddaya think? Does the beauty of a person’s face “color” the perception of his/her hair? Does an attractive face sometimes make “big, wild, messy, undefined” hair more “acceptable” in our society? 


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  1. Hopefully, my opinion doesn’t skew the results too horribly, but…

    Looking at the first set of pics, I just love the hair! So much so that I think Flav (and yes I agree with the spelling but will try to stay on task) actually looks better with the big, wild, unfettered hair. In my opinion, society seems to ‘accept’ natural hair more on folks that are ‘mainstream attractive’. It doesn’t matter if it’s big, fluffly, ‘out there’ hair or not. I remember when Alek Wek exploded on the modeling scene; so many people had horribly negative comments about her. Personally, I think she’s hawt! But imagine if she had some big hair, too…


  2. I agree with your hair hypothesis as well. I also think that the opposite is true. If someone is not mainstream attractive, but their hair is looking good, it makes them look better…not sure if its true for gremlins!!


  3. That is funny!!!! I think it has more to do with the texture,thickness and length of the hair. If you took that same model and Flava Flav & put some thin, mid length 4C aka “bad hair” on them, people would think that both of them were ugly. I think it is more about “good hair” vs. “bad hair”. The reason why people still think Flava looks better in the second pic is because “he got that good hair”.

    I am that girl with the thin mid length 4 type hair so I know. I can do the same styles as my thick haired perfectly twisted out/curly haired sisters and no one cares. Get a girl with that “good hair” to do the same style, people rave about it. Check out You Tube. The popular girls have “that thickness” or those curls. Their are many girls on you tube who have major skills with their hair, but they don’t have that thickness, texture or curls that people like & they are not popular


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