Ear Cuff with Hair Comb


Yesterday, on Facebook, DailyCurlz posted a picture of a hair comb with an attached ear cuff that intrigued me (see post here). The accessory is being sold on Etsy, so I decided to search for more as I liked the idea, but didn’t love this particular design!!

Then, I came across the above number being sold by the Etsy Shop, TheLittlestFeather, for $26.50. It seems like a really cool and unique way to dress up a bun or updo for a fun evening out!!

Here’s another one that I was digging that was slightly less flamboyant and on sale for $21 in the FrancisFrank Etsy Shop.

Hmmmmm …


Are you feeling the ear cuff/hair comb combo? Have you ever worn one of these? Do you think it would be safe with natural/curly hair or am I just asking for trouble?! 

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  1. Its cute BUT! I think this accessory, especially for kinky, coily hair, should only be used when you’re doing an up-do. Like someone mentioned, the accessory looks susceptible to snagging & that would be one hell of a detangling to get it out.


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