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August GOC Update: Cococrispecurl (#32)


Hi Ladies! Checking in for the month of August! After seeing Adrienne’s Yarn Braids at Shelli’s DMV Hair Meet-Up earlier this year, I became obsessed with them. I researched them on YouTube for months and came to the conclusion that I needed a professional installation; however all the braiders I spoke to didn’t know what I was talking about. I ended up reaching out to my oldest and dearest friend’s sister, Samara, who is a loctitian, and she was happy to give it a try.

The day before I was still scouring YouTube for installation tips, preparation and maintenance and I came across GranolaHeads2010 installation video:

via Granolaheads2010 (aka StayWoo: GOC Contender #1)

I noticed that she was doing something different: Yarn Wraps! I liked this idea better than braids, because my hair would be completely covered, thereby protected from the elements. And, with the length of my hair being what it is, seeing my hair mixed with yarn all the way down may not have been as visually pleasing as I imagined it to be. After a quick text and sending GranolaHeads2010’s video to Samara, I was getting Yarn Wraps!

The first thing I did was to get a trim.

The week prior to getting wraps, I went swimming and the chlorine really stripped my hair. I coated it with conditioner, but I should have worn a swim cap. To get it back on track, I did the following:

  • Separated hair into 2 sections.
  • Cleansed and conditioned with Curls Cleanser and Conditioner (first time use: 2 thumbs up).
  • Deep conditioned with Aveda’s Dry Remedy, under the dryer for 30 minutes (first time use: 2 thumbs down. BOO! I returned it the next day for a refund.)
  • Re-applied Curls Conditioner for 5 minutes in the shower.
  • Rinsed and finished with cool water.
  • Applied a teaspoon of Curls conditioner.
  • Separated hair into 4 sections.
  • Applied Karen’s Body Beautiful Hair Butter (mixed with my own oils) from root to tip and braided each section.

It was still damp in the morning, but that’s okay. I don’t like it to be totally dry when I take it out.
At night, I braided my hair into 4 sections and applied hair butter to the ends and edges.

The day before getting braids:

  • Pre-pooed for 15 minutes under the dryer with EVOO and coconut oil. I focused on my edges, kitchen and ends.
  • Shampooed scalp with Head N Shoulders.
  • Cleansed hair with Curls cleanser and conditioner.
  • Deep conditioned with a homemade concoction
  • Applied Bed Head Moisture Maniac for 5 minutes in the shower. Rinsed lightly.
  • Separated hair into 4 sections, and followed the L (water), O (coconut oil), C (Karen’s Body Beautiful Creamylicious) method from root to tip.
  • Loosely twisted each section so it would dry by my appointment.
  • In the morning, applied another layer of KBB Creamylicious to each section.

Installation Day:
After 29 hours (Day 1 = 13 hours; Day 2 = 16 hours), it was finally done! I love, love, love them!! I forgot how tender-headed I am, especially around my edges and kitchen. Samara was careful and used bigger sections. After a week, I was able to move them around and begin playing with styles. Side note: Africa’s Best Organics Itch Relief Cornrow & Scalp Remedy is a lifesaver. I plan on keeping them in for six weeks. Hopefully, I’ll see some growth and my ends will be in good shape.

I’ve been going to Samara weekly for maintenance and styles. My original intention was to try new styles (braids, ponytails, buns) on my own, but after seeing all the styles that can be done with locs, decided to treat them as such and have been getting loc styles. I cannot stop touching them!

Yarn Wrap Regimen:
After two weeks, I cleansed my scalp with a toothbrush and Head and Shoulders and used a mixture of KBB Sweet Ambrosia, Giovanni Direct Leave-in, coconut oil, jojoba oil and water from scalp to ends. Next month, if I wash it again (wraps are painfully heavy when wet), I’ll use my sulfate-free shampoo and add castor oil to the mixture. Head & Shoulders was way too drying.

Health & Fitness:
I’ve started a new meal plan/program and have lost 13 pounds so far.

Happy Growing Ladies!

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“She’d Look Good in a Potato Sack”


So, I had this hypothesis that I wanted to test. I wanted to take a pic of hair that is wild, big, teased, irregular, frizzy, undefined whatever … and see it on someone considered attractive and another person considered unattractive. You see, I have this theory that the face (naked or with the right make-up and accompanied by a hot outfit) often influences the perception of the attractiveness of the hair.

Therefore, I decided to swap out the face of a model (wanted to use Sanaa, but my Photoshop skills are not up) with big, “undefined” hair with a pic of Flava Flav (by the way, the spelling of “Flav” bothers me … you need an “e” at the end of “Flav” for a hard “a” … but, I digress).

(Okay, okay, I posed this on my FB page first and was accused of sandbagging the comparison with Flave. But, you know, just trying to drive home my supposition and prompt some dialogue … it’s been quiet around here lately ;). Plus, I generally don’t like calling people ugly based on physical appearance. So, I had no desire to find a picture of an “ugly” person. But, I mean, c’mon, Flave looks like a Gremlin!!!)


So, whaddaya think? Does the beauty of a person’s face “color” the perception of his/her hair? Does an attractive face sometimes make “big, wild, messy, undefined” hair more “acceptable” in our society? 

Ear Cuff with Hair Comb


Yesterday, on Facebook, DailyCurlz posted a picture of a hair comb with an attached ear cuff that intrigued me (see post here). The accessory is being sold on Etsy, so I decided to search for more as I liked the idea, but didn’t love this particular design!!

Then, I came across the above number being sold by the Etsy Shop, TheLittlestFeather, for $26.50. It seems like a really cool and unique way to dress up a bun or updo for a fun evening out!!

Here’s another one that I was digging that was slightly less flamboyant and on sale for $21 in the FrancisFrank Etsy Shop.

Hmmmmm …


Are you feeling the ear cuff/hair comb combo? Have you ever worn one of these? Do you think it would be safe with natural/curly hair or am I just asking for trouble?!