Coral’s Haircut


Just wanted to share this short FB message from Coral in the hopes that it might help others.


I wanted to share my story with you! I got a great haircut last night after two years! I’d had my hair pressed by a Dominican woman that left me with such heat damage that I completely abandoned heat of any kind. I babied my hair by taking an all natural approach, with exception of my Black Soap and HEHH Condish. And I lived in protective styles, hoping that the curls on the left side of my head, which had been reduced to waves, would a. be restored (which I knew was not likely, but I dreamed about it) or b. grow out from the heat damage.

Well they grew out!!! And, after having countless hair stylists look at me like I was speaking gibberish or try to talk me into having my hair heat pressed, so that they could cut it evenly (to make it easier for them but more damage for me) when i asked for a wet cut, I FINALLY found someone to do what I asked. I don’t know what’s wrong with some of these hair stylists, because when I learned to cut hair, it was wet. So, I don’t know why so many of them can’t/won’t do it. But, I can’t do it myself anymore, because it’s too long.

So Affisha (Afeesha?) at the Hair Cuttery on Cityline Avenue here in Philly will be trimming my ends from now on. I think that she did an awesome job handling my hair. And I’m so grateful that I found her.

Heat damage sucked bad … but I’m so glad that I’m over that hump. grinI’m really enjoying the ease of handling that a good cut brings. No more tangling! I love sharing info with other naturals and a lot of the naturals I know don’t even realize they have a wet cut as an option.  Oh … and I’ll add a suggestion to  ask the stylist to use a light detangler in wet hair so that the comb slides easily … some may not know to request this and may be turned off if the stylist doesn’t know and tugs too much on their tresses.

Have a lovely day………be inspired!!



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  1. Wow! What a difference a good cut/trim makes! Coral thanks for sharing your story w/pics. And, Shelli thank you for posting. Definitely helps me since Philly is right up the road and you know I need a trim.

    Coral, can you PLEASE share additional information about the stylist and salon (location, contact #)?


  2. oh wow! what a beautiful cut on a beautiful person! I haven’t had a cut, a real cut since leaving the salon (the creamy crack days) and just might start searching for a responsible stylist
    thanks for sharing!


  3. Thank you Coral! You cut looks beautiful. I’m near Philly and I have been looking for someone to cut/style my natural hair. You can best believe I’ll be calling that salon looking for Affisha.


    • Nik T,

      I am also near Philly. I did some work and was able to get additional information about Affisha. Her schedule is as follows: Mon 9-3, Wed 3-9, Thurs 9-3, Fri 4-9, and Sat 9-6. Salon number is: 215-473-9560. The salon is located off City Line between 76th and 77th.

      Hope this helps!

      PS Coral – you definitely should get a referral’s discount!


  4. OMG Im right with you! I have so much heat damage on the left side front section of my head that it refuses to curl at all. I have to do twist and curls to throw people off! I want to cut it in my curly state but I also wear my hair straight and I dont want it to be loopsided. Decisions…. Decisions…


    • i identify with the heat damage you’re experiencing mrsleah23, i had to do the same, twist/braid outs to camo the difference in texture or updos……cutting your hair in it’s curly state won’t result in lopsidedness if the stylist knows what they’re doing and is confident in cutting wet hair.


  5. Thanks for the info!! I live in Willow Grove and I have had a difficult time finding someone who not only will cut my hair without heat but do a rollerset. I will definitely give her a call.


    • Annie, you’re definitely within reach….76 to rt 1 and your there. i’ve done a couple roller set’s at home and decided in between my 8 week trims i may get 1 roller set for my length checks, a roller set a great option for stretching with minimal heat….plus it’s just nice to have someone else do it for me sometimes. enjoy!.


  6. Coral your cut is very flattering! Wish I could find someone who “gets it” in Wilmington. I used to go to Zelda’s (a nice salon) but I don’t think my stylist “got” my hair. It doesn’t make sense to pay all that money and walk out looking like Florida on Good Times. Now if I wanted Florida’s cut, I would’ve gone to a barber shop and kept it moving…


  7. Shelli, thanks again for sharing my story…..and thank you to all of the ladies for the kind words, compliments and interest in my experience. yesterday i just happened to stop into pick up a bottle of aussie 3 minute miracle (been wanting to try that for a while) i left with Affisha, she called me back to the shampoo station to meet one of you….i think it may have been you Nik T or Ronda C (waves). it was a pleasure meeting you although i forgot to get your name in the moment. i’m happy you had the chance to meet Affisha and experience her skill and good customer service! if not, thank you for doing the research and sharing Affisha’s scheduling and contact info…..that was nice. i have a very close friend who lives in Delaware and manages a shop… fact she’s part of the reason i waited so long to get a cut….she’s previously the only person i trusted to cut my hair and it’s because we were classmates in cosmetology school…..she cuts my hair the way i would do it if i could stand behind me, and do it myself. we learned to cut hair (and everything else) side by side literally. so i really trust her. life, kids, transportation issues, timing prevent me from seeing her (long story) but if any of you can get to the Holiday Hair in Bear, De off of rt 40 where the Lowe’s is…..her name is Xenia (See-nia) and she’s awesome!! and i’m not saying that just because she’s my friend….she really is. to those of you that know you need a good trim….please do it….your hair will thank you and you’ll fall in love with your hair all over again! your curls, waves and kinks will pop and you’re braid/twist outs will be more tameable. the big hair lion’s mane is lovely on purpose, but when it’s your only option because you haven’t tended to those ends…’s an epic fail….for me anyway because it put limitations on what i could do with my hair. we got used to the trims when we were relaxed….it was necessary and we understood that….why do we abandon this when we go chemical free?


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