Janelle Monae Test Drive


Remember this Janelle Monae Updo Style Inspiration post from last week? Well, I decided to take it out for a test drive today.

I think I captured the style pretty well, though I had more length to tuck and finer strands. But, not sure how I feel about it on me. Maybe with some filled in eyebrows, fierce make-up and an edgy outfit though??

Whaddaya think? Should I drop a down payment on it or leave it at the dealership ;)?

And for those of you who prefer the speed (and anonymity ;)) of a poll rather than commenting:


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    • Thanks Davida! Anon, I have yet to find a red lipstick that I liked/felt comfortable in on me. But, a deep wine I can get down with 🙂 … or, does that count as a red:)?

      Thanks Tama!! Looks like it’s getting mixed reviews based upon the poll though;). As to a tutorial, click the link in the post. The tutorial from the other YouTuber is in it:). It’s really a pretty quick and simple style to do!


  1. Great look on you Shelli. If you don’t want to go all out with the makeup, a red/wine lipstick will work and yes, dark reds/burgundy/plums are hot this Fall. Girl, even Janelle is a Cover Girl with her signature look this Fall. Check her out for inspiration. Some great earrings will motivate you to step out with this look :).


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  3. Shelli, I personally LOVE the look on you!!! And if (did I say if) my hair was your length, I know what I’d be doing once I got home today, but it’s not……………#dahwell lol


  4. Thanks guys!! Looks like the poll started to lean more heavily to the “Yea” side!! 68.18% saying, “Yea.” So, maybe I’ll try to rock it outside of the house one day … but, with a nice wine lip and eyebrows done … and looking like I know it looks good;). Confidence is a powerful thing!! 🙂


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