Fashion’s Night Out in Montclair, NJ



Okay, so I apologize for it taking so long to post on last night’s event … but seriously … I took 407 pictures!!! It was a lot of HARD work to download, rotate, resize, save, import, organize and caption these jokers man!!! Shoot, I may have just used up the last of my free media space with the pictures you are about to see in this slide show. I didn’t include all 407, but there are 111 here!! So yeah, pic heavy post ahead!!

Waiting for the festivities to begin.

The event was so much fun!! I thought it was all going down at Atelier Boutique, but it was actually staged at three different, but close, locations in downtown Montclair. And, with the Democratic National Convention and the POTUS speaking, MTV Video Music Awards and Fashion’s Night Out in NYC all occurring the same evening, there was really a nice little turn out!!

The first “stage” of the evening.

The first stage was Gallery U, an actual art gallery, where designs by Blackbird Lane, One Savvy Design, Speakeasy Vitage, Clarence Black Couture, Mark Tauriello Couture, Boyfriend Clothing Company and Bumblebee Boutique were on display. At this point, I tried my best to get photos of the fashion. However, my camera shutter speed and temp display mode were sooo slow that I did a horrible job of capturing the designs.

Loved this dress! Wish I had been able to get a full length front shot of it!

Then I headed over to Parlor Hair Studio where I hooked up with a couple of friends to see the next show. But yeah, Sofistafunk the Skirt Company didn’t present a mere fashion show … they presented a Skirtopera!! Seriously, this was the main event and what I paid … well, I didn’t pay anything, the night was free πŸ˜‰ … to see!!

Second event of the evening and the one I really was excited to see!!

By this time, I’d scanned my camera settings several times and figured out how to take continuous shots. It didn’t always work and I was cursing at and shaking my camera the whole show. But, I did get tons of fab shots as you’ve probably figured out since I said I took 407 photos ;)! You’ll also get a chance to judge my claim when you see the slide show at the end of the post!

She was giving all kinds of face!! Fierce!!

Gorgeous!! You know I was checking out the hair!!

Sooooo Wuthering Heights!! Love the intense blue sleeves popping out of the crow black!!

Just PERFECTION!! Is this to die for or what??

And here’s Tiffany, the winner of the Sofistafunk & Hairscapades Natural Model Search!!

And then we wrapped up the evening at Atelier Boutique with a “rack sale” and raffle (but, for some reason, I didn’t get a raffle ticket!! Booooooh!! LOL!).

Clothes and raffles … what more could a girl want??

Arlinda McIntosh (the genius and talented designer behind Sofistafunk), Tiffany and me.

I did walk away with a really cute little gold, tulip-sleeve fitted jacket for $25!! Should have taken a pic of that as it looked pretty hot with my leopard print skirt!! LOL!!

And that was that! Enjoy!!

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    • You have the sweetest face lol I love you smile!!! AND YOU LOOKED FAB rocking that skirt not to mention those gorgeous ringlets on your head πŸ™‚ I cheesed big when I scrolled down and seen your pic (like I was your long lost best friend ha ha ha!) Hairscapades brings us all together πŸ™‚


  1. Shutterbug Shelli, you did a great job taking photos. I appreciate you and all your hard work. Tiffany girl, you and your curls rocked. Ladies, lets make a vow – Self defeating comments are prohibited for the rest of 2012!


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