by Weusi

I believe in God. And because of my faith and belief in the unknown, I believe in a universe that is beyond my imagination and logic.

I’m a man that believes in prayer (I am also humble enough to believe in life forms other than those on earth … it would be arrogant to believe that it couldn’t happen … remember ANYTHING can happen when you believe … but that’s another conversation!).

The other day, I was a little behind schedule. I thought to myself … “Self, I could take my time, catch a later bus. I’ll just call and tell people to reschedule.” Then I thought to my more responsible self, “YOU … you know you could keep your word to peoples by putting in a little work to get ready. Just pay $5, catch a cab and be where you said you were gonna be at the time you said you were gonna be there.” I decided to put in the work, pay the $5 for the cab and do what’s right to respect other peoples’ time, energy and effort. I was gonna get there on time!

So, with that decision made, I called a cab. I knew that knowing a cab was on its way would light a fire under me. It did. I immediately got myself in gear! While I was running around the house getting things together, I was struck with the realization that I was so blessed to have a place to rest my head and call home … and I had things. Things that helped me with work … and things that I played with … and … just things!

So … I started to pray out loud. Then, in the midst of the rush … I got the urge to change clothes (Yes … dudes do this too! I’ll talk about that at a later date!)! I was amazed that I actually had fashion options that weren’t just about what t-shirt I wanted to share with the world. This epiphany further fueled my prayers (that were now being sung as I rushed around the house!). In the end, all I changed was my jeans! I quickly made the change. Ahhh … that just felt better. I focused on what I needed to put in my bag for the day. I took a deep breath, acknowledged the gift of options in my prayers, and that I was even blessed with a fly bag that allowed me to carry my blessing. The same way we are given this vessel called a body to carry our spirit! I was feeling the glow:

Then, I reached to straighten out what felt like a folded pocket. And, to my surprise, what did I find?! CASH MONEY! Not much, but just enough to get me through the day!

All I’m sayin’ is … the POWER of prayer isn’t JUST in the silent thoughts … it’s also in saying it out loud. The silent prayers are to plant the seeds within yourself. Those that you say out loud and/or write out are the ones that plant the seeds in the universe! BUT, both are useless unless there is some work/action/effort exerted to make things happen!

This is just reminder that prayer works … but … positive thoughts are not enough …


The End/Beginning



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  1. Not the Last Dragon glow! I digress.

    I agree wholeheartedly! The majority of us are blessed beyond measure…if we would just stop and look at all that we have instead of focusing on what we don’t have. Our God is an awesome God and He takes wonderful care of His children! (Now, I’m about start singing! I better not…these folks in the workplace will call security on a sista!)

    Thank you for blessing us, Wei!


  2. Thank you for sharing this wonderful testimony; without knowing of or meaning to, you have blessed me with a sunnier disposition! Sometimes, it’s nice to see/read/hear/experience that life is good simply because it is, and when folk give their all to do what’s right, wonderfulness abounds. I hope you have more days like this day.



  3. There is nothing more beautiful to see and hear people give God praise. But when a man does it, just heavenly ! What a powerful word to start my morning ! Great job Weusi !!!!!!


  4. I heartily co-sign with you Brother. I pray before I leave home and end my day in prayer, no matter what time I get home. I feel that prayer gives me ” glow”!


  5. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! You just don’t know how much I needed to hear that today! You never know how your words influence others so I feel blessed to hear those words of wisdom. God Bless!


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