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Atelier & Sofistafunk: Fashion’s Night Out


I’ll be there and so will the winners of the The Sofistafunk & Hairscapades Naturalista Model Search. Will you?!?!?




by Weusi

I believe in God. And because of my faith and belief in the unknown, I believe in a universe that is beyond my imagination and logic.

I’m a man that believes in prayer (I am also humble enough to believe in life forms other than those on earth … it would be arrogant to believe that it couldn’t happen … remember ANYTHING can happen when you believe … but that’s another conversation!).

The other day, I was a little behind schedule. I thought to myself … “Self, I could take my time, catch a later bus. I’ll just call and tell people to reschedule.” Then I thought to my more responsible self, “YOU … you know you could keep your word to peoples by putting in a little work to get ready. Just pay $5, catch a cab and be where you said you were gonna be at the time you said you were gonna be there.” I decided to put in the work, pay the $5 for the cab and do what’s right to respect other peoples’ time, energy and effort. I was gonna get there on time!

So, with that decision made, I called a cab. I knew that knowing a cab was on its way would light a fire under me. It did. I immediately got myself in gear! While I was running around the house getting things together, I was struck with the realization that I was so blessed to have a place to rest my head and call home … and I had things. Things that helped me with work … and things that I played with … and … just things!

So … I started to pray out loud. Then, in the midst of the rush … I got the urge to change clothes (Yes … dudes do this too! I’ll talk about that at a later date!)! I was amazed that I actually had fashion options that weren’t just about what t-shirt I wanted to share with the world. This epiphany further fueled my prayers (that were now being sung as I rushed around the house!). In the end, all I changed was my jeans! I quickly made the change. Ahhh … that just felt better. I focused on what I needed to put in my bag for the day. I took a deep breath, acknowledged the gift of options in my prayers, and that I was even blessed with a fly bag that allowed me to carry my blessing. The same way we are given this vessel called a body to carry our spirit! I was feeling the glow:

Then, I reached to straighten out what felt like a folded pocket. And, to my surprise, what did I find?! CASH MONEY! Not much, but just enough to get me through the day!

All I’m sayin’ is … the POWER of prayer isn’t JUST in the silent thoughts … it’s also in saying it out loud. The silent prayers are to plant the seeds within yourself. Those that you say out loud and/or write out are the ones that plant the seeds in the universe! BUT, both are useless unless there is some work/action/effort exerted to make things happen!

This is just reminder that prayer works … but … positive thoughts are not enough …


The End/Beginning