Bantu Knot Out … to the Side


by Valerie of Curls2Envy

1st attempt at this..

This Bantu Knot out was done on freshly washed hair. The products used where:

  • Leave-in: CJ smoothing lotion
  • Sealer : Oyin sugar berries pomade
  • Styler: a tiny bit of koils by nature gel.
  • Shea butter to seal ends

Medium bantu knots … About 4-5 in each quadrant. So, in total, about 20-25 knots … Let them dry all the way. Take them down with some Jane Carter Nourish & Shine to prevent frizz … Fluff … And bam. Lol

take down

look at the definition

fluffed a lil bit

front view

side view

right side view

I am pleased. Rocked it like this to church.

What do you guys think?


Super cute and oh so shiny and bouncy! But, I’ve never done a Bantu knot out! Given my struggles with hair that fails to dry in a TnC overnight or even 24 hours, I haven’t even wanted to chance how long it would take to air dry a Bantu knots!!

How about you? Do you wear Bantu knot-outs? What’s your technique and what products do you use?


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  1. Bantu knots i leave for when i want nice tight curls.The products i use vary depending on what i have and i always air dry. Last time i did the bantu knot was when my hair was a little longer than apl. I always air dry so i tend to do this on weekends so by monday it is dry. I usually always get compliments but sorry no pics. Now that my hair is little bsl kinda putting it off because of drying time.

    Btw love the look on Valerie and i’m getting tempted to try it.


  2. I love bantu knots. I always get compliments on them . Bantu-knots outs are my go-to Transitioning stlye whenever I am not PSing. I love your hair great results!!


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