July-August GOC Update: Deborah (#27)


This is waaay overdue!

I’m having a hard go of it learning my hair, it’s texture and what is best. However, I won’t dwell on it. As I am a somewhat healthy person, my hair has grown in spite of me not knowing what to do with it! Now, will I get points for retention? I don’t know…

My biggest challenge right now is keeping it moist. Here’s my current regimen:

  • Currently I co-wash twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. It drys out if I go any longer than that and I notice more hair going down the drain.
  • While it’s wet and with plenty of conditioner, I detangle with a wide tooth comb.
  • I have learned that my hair is very dense and I’m beginning to section it to make sure any oil or other product used actually gets in to the roots.
  • Once I put the oil and leave-in conditioner in my hair by sections, I let it air dry.

I’m looking for styles to wear. My little afro is getting bigger. In my initial post, my hair was about 1 1/2 inches long. Now, when I measure it, I have about 3 inches. In the front, it comes down below my eyebrows. On the sides, it’s earlobe length and, in the back, it can reach my shirt collar. It’s funny, because I can feel it on my ears during the day and find myself reaching up to see what that is touching me at times.


I can tell that shrinkage will forever be my partner in crime (lol). I tried a twist out and was not happy with the results, but will try again at some point.

That’s pretty much it. Your posts as of late have been really encouraging. It’s good to know that you’re not alone with having to have patience with your hair, regardless of length and texture. I am looking forward to finding a “sweet spot” in my journey. But don’t get me wrong, I have not had the urge to perm my hair at all.

Thanks for the opportunity to share and good luck to all on your journey!!



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  1. Dont really have any advIce but just wanted to give you some encouragement. Coming up with hairstyles can be frustrating but satin scarves are stylish & protective. Hang in there


  2. I gave up and started WNG with KCCC/KCKT. It keeps my hair moisturized. I grew tired of retwisting nightly for fullness, only to have it “sit back down” by the end of the day. My band outs were also looking tired. My 4c coils are happiest when they are shrunken too. I use a teaser comb from Sally Beauty (Item SBS-502115) to comb the custard through. I wet the comb in a basin of water which helps my coils clump better. It looks a mess when it’s wet, but it dries in “coffee stirrer” ringlets.


    • I have yet to try the Kinky Curly products. I’ve read good things about it. I’m trying not to become too much of a PJ, but that line is on the list. Thank you for replying to nh post. It means a loot to hear from others.


  3. Hang in there Deborah. Like others previously said, I used lots of cute wraps during my TWA days. Sometimes I used rhinestone barrettes on the sides and sometimes I slicked all my hair back like I was Billie Holiday – you couldn’t tell me nothing (lol) . Enjoy this easy, breezy time.


  4. Deborah, I actually have fine, super kinky hair that is used to braids. I noticed a lot of breakage and that thinning thing that comes with wearing braids to long. I am planning to do two strand twists. I do want them to come out, I just want to wear them as a hair style to protect my hair. Please let know if you have tried yours yet.


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