July GOC Update: Marsha #24


by Marsha of Hairology (aka 24 Hour Hair)

So last night I did a wash and a color rinse, then I decided to do an impromptu blow out. I started a hair challenge back in April with Hairscapades, so I hadn’t straightened my hair since March (I think). I will celebrate 3 years post relaxer at the end of this month and 2 years completely natural in the first week of September.

This is a pic of my last blowout back in March.

I’m kinda shocked myself at the results, because I was not really expecting this much volume. I combed my wet curls and hated doing so with a big tooth comb. You see I have not used a comb in months, I’ve solely been using my fingers. So I cringed at the ball of hair after combing (sorry no pics).

And NOW:



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  1. Excellent progress. I heart finger-detangling as well, although I had to give in to the comb for a recent flat iron.

    On another note I survived the robotic procedure which I did in July. I say that because for the first few days Percocet was my best friend. Lol.


    • Yes Renee the Percocet was very helpful. I think I took it once while in the hospital and it certainly relaxed me. What procedure did you have done?


      • Hi Marsha, I had the myomectomy where 12 fibroids were removed. When I had the bikini cut myomectomy 9 years ago only the large fibroids were taken out, so I suppose it was inevitable that the smaller ones would grow.


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