Beauty Spoons: The Inauguration


As you may recall, about a month ago, I ordered the above Beauty Spoons. I was hopeful that the spoons would help ensure that I got my money’s worth out of my products without cutting open bottles (if you missed that post, check it out here). Well, this past Sunday, I finally got the chance to see one in action.

When I mixed up a pseudo cassia gloss on Sunday, I used Sally’s GVP Matrix Conditioning Balm. Well, the bottle was close to empty and this conditioner is really thick, so it’s hard to get the last of it out without cutting open the bottle. Enter the Beauty Spoons! I proceeded to insert the longer spoon into the bottle and scraped and scooped out the contents for a few minutes.

The conditioner on the right side of the bowl is what I scraped out with the spoon.

As you can see, I was able to get a lot of conditioner out of the bottle with the spoon. However, it did take longer than it would have if I’d just cut the bottle open. Ummmm …. yeah, you see the bottle is cut open, right? Well, after scraping and scooping for a few minutes, I decided to see how good of a job the spoon actually did.

I don’t know how much you can tell by these pics, but the bottom and sides of the bottle were pretty clean!! But, the “shoulders” of the bottle still had another few spoonfuls of product. However, even as I scraped, I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to get the product there because of the angle.

So far, the Beauty Spoons appear to work well! They do take more time than cutting open the bottle … buuuuuttttt, I think they will be good when I know there is enough product for more than one application. In those instances, I don’t want to cut open the bottle. I just want to get enough of the product out to do a treatment. So, I would reserve the spoons for those times and only cut the bottle open when I know that I will use every last iota of the product. Of course, the Beauty Spoons will also work for thick plastic pr glass bottles which I can’t cut open. So yeah, I’m happy with my purchase so far:)!!


I know that a few of you ordered Beauty Spoons too! How do you like them?


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  1. I used my Beauty Spoons Saturday morning to get the rest of Curl Junkie Repair Me out of the bottle and it worked really well scraping the sides and the bottom, however, when I tried to scrape the top it was a fail. I will have to cut open the bottle to get the remainer of the conditioner out but overall it’s a keeper. I really like the little containers that came with the Spoons and they came in handy.


    • Brianna click on the link that’s marked ‘here’ for a previous post about the spoons then click on another link marked beauty spoons. There are two sizes.


  2. I am glad you ended up liking and finding some use for the beauty spoons 🙂 I love mine not just for hair stuff but for my facial moisturizer bottle that I can’t cut open I stick that small beauty spoon in there and have about 3-4 days worth of moisturizer left 😉


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