Janelle Monae Inspired Updo


Just came across this hot little updo on Pinterest, which took me to Instagram, which lead me to the YouTube tutorial, which had me searching Facebook for the above still image. See the lengths that I go through for you guys;)?!?! LOL!! Seriously, there are a lot of Janelle Monae inspired updos out there, but this is my favorite take on it so far! It looks a lot softer, more organic and very feminine in comparison to the original. Bonus? It looks so simple to do!! Enjoy!!

via LoveIslandBeauty

(p.s. What a beautiful young lady!)


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  1. IKR?!? Michelle, I would love to see how it works on your hair! I always think that my hair is too fine and long to pull off styles like this. It’s like, despite having lots of hair due to length, I don’t have the density to get the right type of volume! So, I’ll be tucking away, only to get a hot mess. I might still try it though ;).


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