Happy Birthday Baby!!


(Insert “Weusi” in where those “Mmmmmmm mmmmmm mmmms” were!! *LOL*)

I know that you aren’t really the birthday/holiday type … in fact, neither am I! But, I just wanted to take a moment to wish you a very happy birthday. You are such a blessing to me and I thank you for all of your love, support (seriously, you write for my hair blog! What brand of awesome is that?), kindness, intelligence, patience and serenity. You truly are my comfort and my solace. I love you with all of my heart. Happy birthday baby!!


So, took the sweetie out for a birthday dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants, Nicole’s 10, last night! We did it up and I TOTALLY broke diet!! We had bread with roasted garlic, oil and a balsamic vinegar drizzle and a crab cake appetizer. For entrees, I had a seafood pasta and Wei had the special, Wahoo fish, and a glass of chardonnay and then … the piece d’resistance, this towering chocolate cheesecake. OMGosh y’all, this thing is absolutely sinfully DELICIOUS!! And I was absolutely ready to EXPLODE!!

Ummm, ummm good!!

Wahoo fish! Never heard of it in my life! It was the special!

“Goin’ Coastal” (sauteed shrimp, lobster, crab & prosciutto over linguine)

Heaven on earth!!!

Don’t get it twisted! He did NOT eat that all by himself! LOL!

Why’d I have the nerve to break out a NuStevia to sweeten the coffee that
accompanied the decadent dessert? LOL!!


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  1. {sitting and doing my stevie wonder “i’m happy because someone just messed up and put a mic in front of me” rock & sway}.thank you … thank you all! please, sit down, stop applauding. the past year … w/ hairscapades has … been … one full of smiles and lessons on growth, hair, life change and love. those are in … no … particular order of significance … except for the last … one … LOVE. in the end … love {the music starts playing} … Love … LOVE is the most important thing. again … i thank you. SHINE.


  2. You two are sooo gorgeous! Happy Birthday Wei, and God bless you both Shelli!

    I’m looking at that wahoo fish – OMG that looks so yummy and healthy! I most definitely have to find a way to recreate that recipe for my DH – he loves fish!


  3. Happy birthday Weusi! I’m smiling over that “Goin Coastal” entree. I would’ve been all over that and happily ate leftovers the next day. Okay Skills, you exhibited one of my pet peeves – people ordering gangsta entrees/desserts and then ordering a diet soda or some doggone “stevia” – what’s up with that girl? ( lol) !


    • Queen … heating up my leftovers right now!!! Mmmmmm … mmmmmmm, can’t wait!! LOL!! As to the Stevia … I don’t use regular sugar and I’m trying to get away from stevia. I don’t drink soda at all. Water and coffee. That’s pretty much the extent of what I drink. I figure, I’m not huge … so it’s obvious I don’t eat Big Macs and fries … SUPER SIZED … all of the time … so I’m allowed to have my Stevia on those occasions I am not watching what I eat;).


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