Twist-Out with Clip-In Extensions: Yea or Nay?


For whatever reason … I was thinking about curly bangs today. But, I don’t want to cut my own hair. So, I started googling to see if I could find curly faux bangs (I have a faux straight bang already). In my hunt, I came across this video of a young lady demonstrating how she “pumps up” her twist-out with clip-in extensions!

You know, I don’t think I would have ever thought of this! I actually think that it’s pretty clever! Now, for those of you with gorgeously thick manes, I know this one isn’t for you. But, for all my fellow fine-haired kinky, coily, curlies out there, what do you think?!?


Would you wear kinky/coily/curly/wavy clip-in extensions to give you a more luscious WnG, twist or braid-out? What about for a special occasion only:)?!?



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  1. LOL!! I suspected this would be a big, fat “NAY!” But, I couldn’t resist!! I’ll rock a faux bang, but don’t think I’d do the clip-ins … unless, you know, maybe I was doing a “fantasy” photo shoot or … was dressing as Storm for Comic Con ;)!! LOL!


  2. I’ve done it before with Bohyme Brazilian wave hair. It blended seamlessly and looked more natural and, frankly, better than this woman’s. Bobraz curls at the ends like real natural hair. I even put some henna in it so it would have a red tint like my mine. I also use this hair to create huge buns as well.


  3. As a fine-haired lady, I would definitely do this. I love the look of twist-outs, but I feel self-conscious about wearing them because my hair is so fine and thin.


  4. When I was searching for a pic to accompany this post, I found a site selling a couple of curly clip-ins that looked like they could potentially be viable options. Just couldn’t use the pics b/c they were water-marked. But, I’ll share the links here for those interested!!

    The first is the Caribbean Curl:

    Caribbean Curl (

    And the second is the Cashmere Curl:

    Cashmere Curl (


  5. I think those of us with finer and/or thinner texture would probably be more inclined to try this than others. If I could ensure that it would be seamless, I would definitely do it.


  6. Not for me.

    I have to give her points for cleverness however. This would be great for occasional “club” or “party” hairstyles.


  7. I seen something like this on Kelly Rowland on LA Hair. It actually give volume for a photoshoot. To each of their own. As for me, Nay.


  8. No questions asked!! I would definitely do it as well, especially if I could match the extenstions up to my texture. I’m not necessarily talking about my entire head, just where my problem areas are……thanks Mom!!! LOL


    • Thanks for sharing Nikki!! That girl’s own hair was gorgeous though!! I loved her end results!! It was so natural looking and full … but just watching all of those braids and all of that hair made me remember when I tried a full-head sew-in. I went back 2 days later and had them take it out!! I would have had them do it the next day, but that was a Sunday and they weren’t open!!!! I felt like I was suffocating!! It was like I became claustrophobic and watching that gave me a flashback!! I wouldn’t feel like my scalp could breathe! But, again, it is gorgeous!!!


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